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Welcome to my userpage. I am DanPin and I used to be a regular user and this Wiki's Ombudsman. I like to play games from The Sims Series and I also hang out in the IRC channel or the Discord.

My favourite EP from The Sims is The Sims: House Party, my favourite EP and SP from The Sims 2 are The Sims 2: University and The Sims 2: IKEA Home Stuff respectively and my favourite EP and SP from The Sims 3 are The Sims 3: Ambitions and The Sims 3: Town Life Stuff. My favourite Downloadable neighbourhood for TS3 is Lucky Palms.

I used to do some important stuff in here, too: I ran the Newsletter alongside MTDM (from January to September 2012) and I was also an administrator (from March to September 2012).

My FanonEdit

I like writing stories. In fact, I've written quite a few of these! Most are in the form of fan fiction, long stories that would be compared in style to a novel, but shorter than that. There are a few of these, however, that are not like that - those are the biographies I made for my Sims - they are closer to what you'd find in a normal Sim article, like Bella Goth, for example.

My Fanon is basically divided into two universes: The Gannon Family Universe and the Plumb(b)ob PD Universe.

The Gannon FamilyEdit

Meet the Gannons: An illustrious family that spans multiple generations and centuries. However, our stories focus primarily on Jake Gannon and his close family: Jake is a private investigator who lives in Bridgeport. His past is not a bright one, and it's a complicated situation.

I originally intended to write a lot more articles on Jake's family, but school took up a lot of my time - don't count on me writing about all the Sims I had planned.

Note: An article in gold dictates it has been a Featured Fanon. An article in italic indicates the article is still under construction.

Plum(b)bob PDEdit

What happens when you take a throwaway gag and turn into an actual thing? Just the greatest police comedy-drama to ever appear on this Wiki, of course! Set in the same universe as PlumbBobs and Prejudice, an old long-running fan fiction series you can read here on The Sims Wiki (in fact, it's actually set after its events).

Just like its parent series, it features a broad cast of people you can find in the IRC channel. And unlike the Gannon Family, I really hope I finish up this series.

And before you ask - yes, I kind of dun goofd with the article titles. Just roll with it.

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I am not a very sociable person. However, I do have some friends who are active users in here (and some who are not);

Also, please don't add yourself to this section. If I find you worthy, I'll add you in here.

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