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First of all, I'd like to thank the awesome Jeve for making me my userbox. =) You rock, Jeve!
I'm Crys, but I also respond to Cryssie, Cris, Crystal, Fox and Foxx. I am a total grammar Nazi. Seriously, if I see one itty bitty mistake, I'll edit it quickly.
I like tennis and enjoy eating sandwiches on sunny days.

Welcome to my page![edit | edit source]

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Hey! I'm Crys! And that piece of pixelz down there is my Sim self. OMG, I know, I'm so freckly =) but everyone is special

Me as a Sim!

in their own way, I guess. I have brown hair (obviously =D, if you couldn't tell from the picture then... XD wow) and greyish

greenish brownish eyes. I'm SPEESHUL! =) I am a total CC maniac and grammar Nazi. I love Demi Lovato!! She's way,

way better than Miley Cyrus. I think Justin Bieber is a girl, and call her Justine with my friends. Sorry, Canadians and/or

Justine lovers.

I like lots of colors, and I usually have a happy outlook on things. I hate junk/fast food chains, they ruin kids' outlooks on

healthy food like pasta and fruits. Tant pis, McDonalds!! My best friend in the world is shorter than me, and argues with

me every five seconds, but that's her in a nutshell. We are besties deep down. YAAY!

What happens to my poor Sims..[edit | edit source]

  • I'm starting a legacy with Leighton Sekemoto, with my Sim and their three kids. One is adopted and she's a sweetie.
  • Gobias Koffi is not gay, he's BI!! YAAY! Erm, I mean, he and his two friends, Myron Fierre and Elizabeth Brown are having a fun time as a trio. Now THAT'S just weird. No offence meant to anyone like that. This includes but is not limited to: real life people, HP trio writers, rabid Twitards, and anyone else who I forgot to mention. Sorry, sharp tongue =P
  • Lawrence Lum went and killed himself over. I hate Lawrence Lum.
  • Claire Ursine had a little girl called Jenette, who married Miraj Alvi, and has a kid called Sam.
  • Practically all of the Sims 2 townies are burnt.
  • Goopy GilsCarbo is a sad, gay little boy who likes babies.
  • DON LOTHARIO IS A FRIKKIN ROCKSTAH!!! He's married to Dina.
  • Nina makes a living selling juice.
  • Cassie married Darren.
  • Morty got a nice job again before dying on a community lot with Bella. What a sweet couple. They're buried together and everything.

Friends list![edit | edit source]

Kinda self explanatory. Sign here if you wanna be friends!

Jeve - Better than any bot!
Once again, you're welcome :)

My favorite Sims[edit | edit source]

Bella Goth

Rose Greenman

Mortimer Goth

Natasha Una

My CAS Friends

ME!! =0 Shocker.

See you later![edit | edit source]

Crystalfoxx - Lollipop.
TALK - 08:14, June 8, 2010 (UTC)
Bye!! You rock!!
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