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About meEdit

Hello everyone, Lazy Simmer here. I decided create an account here in wikia because of my desire to document a story I'm very into creating in the Sims 3 right now. I'm new here and if anyone has any suggestions on how to create fanon pages and document my story, then please feel free to drop a comment or send a message. :)

Right now the story I'm working on is the one centered around the Van Hellsing Family. I was inspired by the Anime "Hellsing" that I like very much and tried to represent what the history behind the vampire Alucard might have been and would be in case the anime had been longer. It's being a lot of fun until now and I already have 12 chapters almost ready to come out (thou I still need to finish writing all the captions) and if you want to follow the story please head over to my facebook page, =)

Thanks for sticking around and I hope you enjoy ;)

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