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Hi :) I LOVE playing the Sims 1 and 2! When I found the Sims wiki I was really happy because I didn't know it even exsisted. After that I began editing all the stubs and finally created my account because I wanted to add my fanons to the wiki because they're one of my favourite families to play :)

Space Family[edit | edit source]

The Space Family are my favorite family to play on the Sims 2 (Although the Miller Family are a close second) so they will be the biggest fanon I make but I hate to make things incomplete so any families they marry into will be created as well so because I all the sims in Lavisha (the town they live in although there are lots of 'suburbs' i.e Black Waters, Kiera District, Leafygreen plant sim hills which are all technically shopping districts) are distantly related, I'll probably end up making the whole of Lavisha :). My current Families are:

And of course the place where most of my fanons are set


My Sims Games[edit | edit source]

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Sims 3 Games[edit | edit source]

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