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I use the word haha a lot hahahahaa. You know, typical teenager in this "modern day-and-age", but stereotyped correctly cuz i'm in the advanced programs at my school and my i'm really super weird!! ;P I've been playing The Sims since Open For Business or Pets came out for The Sims 2! I'm totally a Lady GaGa fan!! If you saw me in person, the first thing I would ask you is "Do You Like Lady GaGa??" hahaha! Totally a friendly-after-you-give-me-chocolate-person, duhh. I love hanging out w/ friends when I have the time. Politically Active and "proudly conservative" b/c Fox News dominates our tv.

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This is my Sims 3 Page Cheesepie1011.Favorite and recommend.


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I add little bits and pieces that other users tend to miss (a little flaw/trait of mine) to articles. And because my biggest pet peeve is spelling and grammar errors on some of the simplest things, I always make sure those are fixed. I truly believe that orderliness is next to godliness, except for when it's physical cleaning haha who wouldn't agree?!? Lately I've figured out how to do indentations and table/chart stuff so I just increased my productivity ;)

My GamesEdit

  • The Sims 2
    • All Expansions except Nightlife because they started bundling that in the deluxe edition. :(
    • Mansion & Garden Stuff, H&M Fashion Stuff
    • Gamecube
  • The Sims 3
    • All Expansions To Date
    • All Stuff Packs To Date
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