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I love Bella Goth

I'm way to paranoid to show you what I really look like. 1) I have a mental problem. It makes it hard for me to socialize. Also learning to spill probably is almost impossible. It also makes me absent minded and over apologetic.

2) I have a bad phobia and paranoia about meeting you. I really freak myself out when its even brought up in a joke. Also I have a paranoid fear about you guys having psychic knowledge of my other fears. now that the elephants are out of the room.

3) I am a writer. I wright fantasy and romaine. I have more original charterers than I know what to do with. I'm supposed to be writing a book but never get around to it. I also read a lot.

4) My other hobbies are normal stuff. T.V video games casual study of the paranormal and supernatural. I like manga including yuri. I want to become a good cook and artist in addition to my writing.

5) Some of the things that turn me on are, glasses, school uniforms, and dark hair. I'm a furry and I like skunks and felines the best. I recently got into antro plant girls but don't know were to go to oddile them.

6) I am a christian. I don't have a church to do to becouse my family is not in any of the mainstream branches. I don't see the big deal its all the same god.

7) I like weapons, like swords axes hammers and other ones. I don't like guns expect for machine guns no clue way. I just do.

8) I have issues with twilight and PeTA I hope to make my own town in the Sims 3 with some Sims 2 Sims returning.

Bella Goth, Lilith Pleasant, Johnny Smith, Ophelia Nigmos, Burb Family and Singles Household


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