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Exchange gift :)Edit

This is my gift for you guys :) Download here

About meEdit

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My favorite pagesEdit

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My favorite Sims and Families/HouseholdsEdit

List of my favorite Sims:

  1. Don Lothario - I like the fact that he's a womanizer, which I liked cuz' when I played with him, I ordered him to woohoo with one of his lovers, with, f.e., Cassandra in the house :P. But that was in The Sims 2. In The Sims 3, I don't play with him cuz' in Riverview the Caliente sisters, the Goths and Kaylynn don't exist...and he's now a little boring imo.
  2. Bella Goth - I always liked the mystery involved in her odd disappearance in The Sims 2. Now, in The Sims 3, althougth she lost her "weirdness", reason why I don't play with her that much, I like the fact that she's always good to my sims.
  3. Angela Pleasant - I like the fact that she is a good person, reason why when I played with her, I tried to make her friend of her sister Lilith. When she was an adult, I married her with Dustin Broke and they had atleast 5 children, if I'm not mistaken, whose names I don't remember XD
  4. Malcolm Landgraab IV - Althought I never played with him, I like the fact he has a big family tree and his wealthy. I'm also loving to play with the Landgraabs in The Sims 3 because of the family feud with the Altos :P
  5. Amy Bull - I know it's weird, but althought I never played with her, I like her a lot. I'm really looking foward to play with her.

List of my favorite families/households:

  1. Landgraab Family
  2. Alto Family
  3. Goth Family
  4. Frio Family
  5. Roomies Household

Goals Edit

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What I'm going to buy next:Edit

This is a list of the next Sim games I want to buy:

  1. The Sims 4
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