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About meEdit

Break System Entertainment is a company belong to insane twin sisters that produce stories in multimedia formats. Our current focus is in Sims Machinima. We are associated with Aldohyde Productions, another Sims Producer.

The Chronicles of Old HavenEdit


The Chronicles of Old Haven are a collection of events about the canon Sims story being influenced the BSE Sims Fanon. An strange event that killed off a canon family from the Sims 1 has somehow disturbed the normal chronology of the Sim World, causing it to become unstable. Something must be done before the Sims World collapses.

The story begins in the beginnings of the Sims 1 game, following the introductions of Claire Charming and Elden Hick. Apparently, the township of Sunset Valley and the countryside Riverview have been merged into Old Town for various speculated, but unconfirmed reasons, but the ongoing conflict of the residences destroys any peace of the once idyllic neighborhoods. As this war of different societies clash, a greater threat emerges as a ghost of the Bachelors' past is scheming his way to change the Sim World.

CoOH: A Hero's TaleEdit

A spin off of CoOH, A Hero's Tale depicts a incredible event that influences the main CoOH plot line concerning the BSE Sim World Watcher. The story stars Hero Monty during her days in Veronaville and her involvement with the Monty-Capp feud, when a strange Sim appears and apparently shows her a greater problem is happening that calls Hero to resolve it.

A. Loner in StrangetownEdit

Ajay Loner has two hobbies: counting grains of sand to pass the time, and spying on the residents of the infamous Strangetown. When John Mole is contacted to search for Bella Goth, he sends his agent Ajay Loner to Strangetown to locate her. However, Loner quickly discovers a multitude of plots that could lead a possible Apocalypse beyond anysim's imagination.

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My favorite pagesEdit

My favorite SimsEdit

The Goth Family: A similious Addams family remake with style and comic finesse. They are the fuel behind most of my Sim stories.

  • Bella Goth: Mysterious elegance is a crimson dress, I wish I was more like her along with that appealing charm and influential grace.
  • Mortimer Goth: A renaissance sim, most underestimate his value to the Sim World and most who do miss out on the future at hand.
  • Cassandra Goth: Firecely dark and highly distinctive, no matter how many try to "better" her looks, no one dare touch that abysmal personality.
  • Alexander Goth: Potential in a HP type of way, I can only imagine his darksome, yet epic event horizon.
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