Ben Brown237796

aka Ben

  • I live in Ipswich
  • I was born on October 9
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

About Bens Game History

I am English and have been playing the sims since about 2006 to 2008. The first sims game i ever had was Sims Bustin' out for xbox. I would play it loads. I Recently realised how much better the PC version is, (Partly because there is no stupid object limeter) and i now know how much more Superior it is to its console ports and spin offs.

Sims is not the only game i play loads, i am also into

Grand Theft auto

Saints Row

Red Dead Redemption

Pirates of the Caribean

Fifa (depending on my mood)

Guitar Hero

and many others of which I have most likely forgotten about.

My Targets

To Become an Admin

To upload 20 fanon pages

To Edit 1500 Pages

About Me

I am 13 years old and like to think of my self as quite intelligent as I am My self a good Philosopher, and often find my self distracting myself from life with thourght. Although it may be a blessing Thinking is also a curse as I appear to miss crucial information while dreaming and heavily thinking. I love 80s Heavy metal and Goth rock Such as The sisters of Mercy. I am also a singer, who once had a band, but we broke up because they wanted to play coldplay. I dislike coldplay. No offence meant to any coldplay fans.

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