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  • Name : Aditya Pradipta
  • DOB  : 11 April 1996
  • Location : Southern Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hello there, my name is Adit, and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Some say I am obsessed with old people, sometimes I wonder if I have too many elders in my neighborhood. I am also a fan of The Addams Family, Harry Potter, the Warcraft series, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, the Golden Girls and other stuff.

(Though I am retired from The Sims Wiki, feel free to contact me (via e-mail or Facebook) about things that are necessary blablabla yatta yatta yatta. I'll still be active in other Wikis, though. God I remember this Wiki when it was quiet and all the pages were messy and rather empty, thank God I came in :p. So, thank you everyone for everything!)

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