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About meEdit

I'm a Sims 3 Simmer who has yet to purchase Sims 4 but am interested in the Clubs. As a Simmer I usually create themed families and try to keep the family themed for generations though due to my own social anxiety I'm slow to have my Sims date until I'm satisfied with their job position. When they have a child or more I end up focusing on those Sims needs over the parents as I'll be playing these new Sims or at least one of them latter. I enjoy Alchemy, Aliens, Atomic Age Living, Bot Building, Farming, Utopian Living, and Nectar Making but for some reason never really got into Chemestry or Inventing. I've yet to come up with a family themed for all of those activities; my largest success has been my own version of the Necteaux family though I never uploaded them to the Sims 3 website and thus lost them when I got a new computer. I won't be making that mistake again.

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