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  • I live in new zealand
  • I am female
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Zombie Back from the dead:
I was retired from 14 January 2013 to 1 February 2014.

Kia ora! My username is Bakerychaz, my real name is Charlotte, but please call me Charlie! I check my messages often, so you may contact me via my talk page. Thanks and have fun on The Sims Wiki!
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About me:

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About meEdit

Heya! I'm a Sims 2, Sims 3 and Sims Medieval enthusiast and former Sims Wiki admin, current chat moderator and rollback!

I'm usually addressed as Charlotte, but my internet friends call me Charlie, so please call me Charlie here.

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  • I'm back from retirement! I am not an admin anymore, though, but I am a rollback and chat moderator.

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Feel free to add yourself to this list if you consider me a friend.

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The ÉireBakeryPandasEdit

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The EireBakeryPandas is a trio made up of me, AsherÉire and ColinThePanda. Since we've all added to Dawn of the Sims (DoTS) and Robert & Ada (R & A), and we talk on Chat a lot, we formed a trio, the EireBakeryPandas, made up of our usernames. We're frickin' awesome, and also frickin' lethal.

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