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  • I live in new zealand
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Entertained medieval ~ "Freedom is the key to happiness" - Me ~ Herbalist

Hey! I'm Bakerychaz, my real name's Charlotte but please call me Charlie. I'm an administrator here on TSW so feel free to ask me anything! In real life, I'm a single young teenager and a Youth Rights activist from New Zealand. I have fun by watching TV, sleeping, writing, and eating! I do research from my iPad on various things, such as things relating to Youth Rights. I also have a brother. I have a cat and a dog, 1 guinea pig and 1 bunny. Have a great day!

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Some stuff about me

I am the world's biggest fan of history, mostly Edwardian, Ancient and Victorian history. Ever since the Olympics started, I've learnt more about Sports (and Ancient Sports). My main interests are Culture and Entertainment. I want to be a Historian, Antiques expert or dealer, auctioneer or politician when I get older.

I live in New Zealand, NZ for short. Politically speaking, I'm a New Zealander, but people from NZ prefer to be called Kiwis as the Kiwi is our native bird. I prefer our native Kakapo bird, and I much prefer it to the Kiwi. I'm a fan of Animals, but not as much as others. I have a cat, Mischief, who we rescued, and she's my avatar. I have a dog, a West Highland White Terrier named Meg.

I am from New Zealand (and proud of it!) though I am of English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish and Irish descent. I am a huge fan of New York City, New York, USA, and would give anything to go there. I speak a little Arabic, a few words in Māori (the language of the original inhabitants of New Zealand) and English natively. I have reddish-brownish hair and blue eyes.

I have done Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Ballroom dancing since a young age and I love it. I don't do any of them currently though.

I'm usually addressed as Charlotte, but my internet friends call me Charlie, so please call me Charlie here.

Recent News Relating to me on TSW

  • I have reached my 2600th edit!
  • I've created some userboxes.
  • After my long line of signatures, I've finally found one I'm sticking with.


My motto is "Freedom is the key to happiness", made by me. It means that if you have freedom, you will most likely have a happy life. I have a great and supportive family that allows me to be anything I want to be and allows me to do anything I want to, which makes me very happy. Part of freedom is voting, and that's why I support Youth Suffrage.

My friends on The Sims Wiki

Feel free to add yourself to this list if you consider me a friend.


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My favourite fanons

among others.

The Sims games I own

My Fanon & Contests



Other info

  • I don't add any images because I contribute using my iPad, and I can't add images with an iPad.
  • The reason I have the "special" userbox is because I'm extremely mature, sensible and smart compared to others that are my age.
  • I'm not on IRC but I'm on Live Chat a lot, so feel free to talk to me there!

My favourite sims & neighbourhoods



Flag New Zealand I love NZ!

The ÉireBakeryPandas

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The EireBakeryPandas is a trio made up of me, AsherÉire and ColinThePanda. Since we've all added to Dawn of the Sims (DoTS) and Robert & Ada (R & A), and we talk on Chat a lot, we formed a trio, the EireBakeryPandas, made up of our usernames.

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