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  • I live in new zealand
  • I am female

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Entertained medieval - "Freedom is the key to happiness" - Herbalist

English: Hello! My username is Bakerychaz, and I am an administrator here on The Sims Wiki. I'm very friendly and I won't bite, so feel free to say hi. I'm happy to help with anything that needs doing. Have a nice day! (P.S. I love the Olympics!)

Arabic: اسمي هو Bakerychaz، وأنا مسؤول هنا على ويكي سيمز. أنا ودية للغاية وسوف يعض لا، لذا لا تتردد في القول مرحبا. أنا سعيد للمساعدة في أي شيء يحتاج إلى عمل. (P. S. أنا أحب الألعاب الأولمبية!)

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Skill CleaningCleaning04

Recent News Relating to me on The Sims Wiki

Some stuff about me

I love both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 but I think The Sims 2 characters are more interesting. I think the Sims Series is great. One of my userboxes is my hobby, Film and Literature, but my main hobby is History. I am also the daughter of fellow Sims Wiki user, Bigredjanie.

I am a huge fan of History and I want to become a Historian. I am a supporter of Youth Suffrage, which is giving younger teenagers, tweens (ages 10 - 12) and children the right to vote.

I am from New Zealand, a small country in Oceania with the rather small population of 4 million. New Zealanders spell color with a 'U', and we say fush and chups rather than Australians saying "feesh and cheeps". To us, Australia is not "Down Under" but "up and slightly to the left". Famous New Zealanders you might know of are Sir Edmund Hillary (the first person to climb Mount Everest), Kate Sheppard (the person responsible for New Zealand being the first country to give women the vote), Ernest Rutherford (the first person to split the atom), the list goes on! New Zealand's capital is Wellington.

My friends on The Sims Wiki

Feel free to add yourself to this list if you consider me a friend.

My favourite sims

My favourite fanons

among others.

Me and The Sims Wiki

  • I started editing on April 21st 2012, and my first edit was to the Morgana Wolff page.
  • I am an admin.
  • I am a Fanon Reviewer.

The Sims games I own

My contests

My favourite pages

  1. The Sims 3
  2. Bridgeport
  3. Al Simhara
  4. Sim

My Fanon Pages


  • Update or delete my unneeded fanons.

Sims mysteries I want to solve

For more info on mysteries, visit this page.

1: Don Lothario appearing in Riverview
2: Nina and Dina Caliente appearing in Barnacle Bay.

The Sims Wiki

I go onto the Sims Wiki every day. I love it!

My Lifetime Wishes

  • Get a Ph.D in History and become a Historian.
  • Move to Devon, England.

My favourite things

My favourite TV shows are Seinfeld, Frasier and The New Adventures of Old Christine. My favourite video game is, of course, The Sims series!

My traits

Dreamer -
because I, well, dream!
Family-Oriented and Loves Family -
because I am most comfortable around family.
Friendly -
because I like being around people.
Genius -
because I am pretty smart (I have an above-average IQ).
Lucky -
because I am so lucky to have the life I have. I have great parents, a great brother, great home and great pets.
Good Sense of Humor -
because my family says I'm quite witty.
Neurotic -
because I'm very neurotic about my bedroom. Even though it's messy, if one thing is moved, I feel uncomfortable until it is switched back.
Perfectionist -
my bed has to be perfectly made, along with other things.

My favourite images

Other info

I believe Bella was abducted by aliens and I don't believe Olive is a murderer. By the way, I don't add any images because I contribute using my iPad, and I can't add images with an iPad.

My subpages


Who do you think is the most mysterious sim in The Sims universe?

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Flag New Zealand I love NZ!


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