Traits: Trait Genius, Trait Bookworm, Trait Computer Whiz, Trait Light Sleeper, Trait Neat

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Visual representationEdit

88 days old
Rose strives for the best, and only wants to reach the top. Hopefully, it won't be lonely up there...
Traits: Trait Frugal, Trait Light Sleeper, Trait Ambitious, Trait Charismatic, Trait Workaholic
Lifetime Wish: LTW World Renowned Surgeon
Career: Medical career icon - Infectious Disease Researcher (8)
Sign: SagittariusLN
Cooking: 4
Handiness: 3
Painting: 6
Writing: 7
Logic: 9
Charisma: 5
Riding: 4
16 days til elder
Now that her deadbeat babydaddy is finally gone, maybe she can get back to what she does best.
Traits: Trait Natural Cook, Trait Family-Oriented, Trait Neat, Trait Artistic, Trait Friendly
Lifetime Wish: LTW The Culinary Librarian
Career: Culinary career icon - Pastry Chef (6)
Sign: VirgoLN
Cooking: 8
Logic: 4
Painting: 2
8 days til young adult
Jake doesn't have many aspirations in life; he just wants to hang out and possibly get married one day.
Traits: Trait Genius, Trait Bookworm, Trait Dog Person, Trait Virtuoso
Career: Bookstore Clerk - Book Club Moderator (3)
Sign: AquariusLN
Riding: 5
Logic: 3
Cooking: 1
Guitar: 4
3 days til teen
Timothy is going to be leader of the world, someday. Just you wait!
Traits: Trait Animal Lover, Trait Angler, Trait Clumsy
Sign: GeminiLN
Writing: 2
Logic: 1
Fishing: 2
6 days til teen
As the only granddaughter, she's pretty much the only one that understands Grandma.
Traits: Trait Green Thumb, Trait Good Sense of Humor, Trait Handy
Sign: LibraLN
Gardening: 5

Sim DNA Eye codes Edit

32dee745-b6ce-419f-9e86-ae93802d2682 - Brown eyes
0758508c-7111-40f9-b33b-706464626ac9 - Grey eyes
51c4a750-c9f4-4cfe-801c-898efc360cb7 - Green eyes
2d6839c5-0b7c-48a1-9c55-4bd9cc873b0f - Dark Blue
e43f3360-3a08-4755-8b83-a0d37a6c424b - Light Blue
12d4f3e1-fdbe-4fe7-ace3-46dd9ff52b51 - Black Alien eyes

Hair Edit

Black - 01
Brown - 02
Blonde - 03
Red - 04
Grey - 05

Other imagesEdit

File:Tyrone Family Tree.jpg Tyrone Family Tree (2)

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