Female symbol This user is female.
Flag canada This user is Canadian.
EN-5 This user speaks English at a professional level.
EN This user speaks English at a native level.
FR-1 This user speaks French at a basic level.
This user prefers The Sims 2 games to any other Sims games. Patricia Gabe Jules Snowman
This user is a young adult.
Got Left at the Altar by -Sim- This user has never been in a relationship.
Nauseous This user is depressingly single.
TS2 Brown Eyes
This user has brown eyes.
This user has brown hair.
Trait Bookworm
This user has the Bookworm trait.
Trait Night Owl
This user has the Night Owl trait.
Trait Shy
This user has the Shy trait.
Strangetown Deceased Jessica Ebadi Original Appearance in TS2
This user believes that Olive is a murderer!

About MeEdit

Hi everybody, I've been playing The Sims since the original, though I did not get really addicted until the generational aspect was added in The Sims 2. I'm Canadian, and if I was a Sim, I'd definitely have the Bookworm trait, I'd love to write a novel someday. I'm also into biology and languages.

My favorite pagesEdit

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My favorite SimsEdit

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