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Name; Amy Rose "Amalia" Cotton
Born; 1st June, 1994 (Age 15)
Birth Sign; Gemini

As a Sim
Spouse; None
Towns; Strangetown (Sims 2) and Sunset Valley (Sims 3)
Life Stage; Teenager
Job; Doctor
Amy means beloved while Amalia (as another word, Amelia) means industrious.

Note; Amalia was the name of the guest party member on Final Fantasy XII. She was later reveled to be Princess Ashe, who joins the party after rescuing her from her cell after defeating two Judges.

Wikis I Am In

  • Mario
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Happy Tree Friends (guest)
  • And this One!
Amalia's Plumbob I submitted a logo to The Sims Wiki Logo Contest!

Amalia's Postings

  • Hello, My name is Amy Rose "Amalia" Cotton. I have posted a few comments on web pages. But I am still learning how to do it. I have my own version of Sims 2, so don't get too grouchy. Note that I also like Kingdom Hearts and Hannah Montana. My favourite households are the Goth Family, the Pleasant Family and the Curious Family (because of the cute aliens). I will have more posted soon, I promise. I am very clean and helpful. Sometimes I can give out hints for certain games such as Kingdom Hearts, Ratchet and Clank 3 and Age of Empires, the Age of Kings. Give me a few days to finish off my web page, ok? Thank you, Amalia. Posted on 16th January, 2009
  • Hello again. I might take at least a few weeks to make a good page for us all. If you need hints for Crash Twinsanity, I know a good hint. Look below and see for yourself on Amalia's Hints. Posted on 17th January 2009
  • I know that sometimes, bad things happen. I can't make a YouTube Video yet. If you can put Sims 2 videos together and put them on YouTube, please write below. Thank you, Amalia. Posted on 18th January, 2009
  • I have been writing about my Sim's life on some pages of the Strangetown Sims. To see my lifetime story about my Sim on my version, Click here. Posted on 23rd January, 2009
  • My sister, Emily Cotton, has just joined the wiki. I will help her with some stuff and also talk to her in her talk page. Please be nice to her, she is childish and very rude. She is not as smart as me and it will be hard for her to edit without my help. Thank you, Amalia. Posted on 7th February, 2009
  • I am going to be not editing next month (April) due to a surgery I have to go to in the Easter Break. I will be back soon after six days, since I am to spend six days in hospital. Thank you, Amalia. Posted on 6th March, 2009
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day! My family came from both Ireland and Scotland many years ago. Today, after school, I bought a movie with the last of my Christmas money ($30). It is called Junior and it was made the same year I was born (1994). Thank you and happy St. Patrick's Day, Amalia. Posted on 17th March, 2009
  • We are going to have textboxes soon. To see what Sims are going to be in it, go to this page: The Sims Wiki:Talk Template Archive. Thank you, Amalia. Posted on 14th April 2009
  • Swine flu has been going around in Mexico, USA, Canada and several other countries. Please, if your country might get affected by it, wash your hands every time you do something disgusting and put a face mask on for your health and safety. Keep Healthy and stay away from sick people, Amalia. Posted on 28th April 2009
  • So, what do you all think of our new talkboxes? TNE and I created them and gave them to users who asked nicely. We would like to thank our admins for their permission and I would personally like to thank TNE for her great work. Posted on 16 May 2009
  • If anyone knows French, can you help me learn it? The reason why is top secret. Posted on 24 May 2009
  • Want to see my created families? Go to the fanon wiki. Posted on 27th May 2009
  • Today is my 15th birthday! To wish me a happy birthday, post a message on my talk page. Posted on 1st June 2009, my birthday
  • Great day yesterday. I won't be active much today due to my mother wants to take me somewhere. I don't know where we are going. Be back tonight. Posted on 2nd June 2009
  • The other night (on my birthday night), I kinda went a bit too busy with my boyfriend. Doctors are currently testing me to see if I am pregnant or not (I hope not). I'll be back within 24 hours with the news. Just hope I am not expecting. Posted on 10th June 2009
  • Great, the Swine Flu has gotten very worse. I mean, my great uncle died yesterday and my dad is going to Tasmania for the funeral this weekend, and there have been confirmed cases in Hobart. I know that Adelaide also has cases, but I don't want my dad to go. Pray my dad will be okay. Posted on 23rd June 2009
  • To some people, this is a shock! Michael Jackson has died overnight. More info later. Posted on 26th June 2009
  • I am starting to add more Userboxes to the wiki. I have just created one for the connection to the Final Fantasy wiki. If anyone wants a userbox to be connected to another wiki that is not' the Kingdom Hearts wiki, please let me now. Posted on 10th July 2009

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