aka Shane

  • I live in California
  • I was born on October 17
  • My occupation is Musician - Cello/Upright Bass
  • I am Male

By the way, I edit WAAAAY more on the Tamagotchi Wikia. And I am an admin there! I also LOVE cats! Its kind of obvious, looking at my talkbox and avatar...

My SimselfsEdit


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The Simself LegacyEdit

The Simself Legacy is almost on the 4th generation.

Gen. 1 ---

Founder/Heir: Shane Simself

Spouse: Calista Simself

-- Gen. 2 ---

Heir: Peter Simself

Spouse: Nixi Simself

Spares: Joey, Van, Angie, Jarre, and Peter Simself

Joey's Spouse: Kayla Nagatani

Joey's Children: Jennifer Nagatani

Van's Spouse: DJ

Angie and Jarre's boyfriend: Adam Sunhalte (romance sim)

Children: Soon

Peter's Souse: Amanda Simself

-- Gen. 3 ---

Heir: Cali Simself

Spouse: Sean Simself

Spare: Silvia Poptartian

Silvia's Spouse: Jake Poptartian

My Top 10 Fave SimsEdit

10. Lilith Pleasant-I made her a murderer in my game!

9. Tara Kat-She is a cat freak, so am I!

8. Pauline Wan-Bad thing are said about her, I had a sim look in the trash can!

7. Malcolm Landgraab TS3- He is an adorable kid!

6. Tamara Donner- ... ... umm. She looks like Lolita.

5. Tank Grunt- Go army kid!

4. Mazuiko Jackson- Freaky evil sushi gurl!

3. Albany Capp- He is so entertaining to play!

2. Dina Caliente- She is interesting!

1. Lolita Goth- She is the hottest ghost in the game!!!


v Lolita ghost

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