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hello there!!!! my name is allison, but you can call me allie. i am new here. i can also speak a little spanish, because of classes that i take in school. i may need help a little bit, but not a lot. my apperance would be very dark red hair, brown eyes, and somewhat of freckles. i love the sims, and i was surfing the internet when i saw this page. i decided to join immeadiately!!!! anyways, i am only 14 years old. i have a cat, a dog, a rabbit, a brother, and im lucky enough to have 2 parents. i am female. i am an aquarious. i do A LOT sports! they are lacrosse, soccer, baseball, gymnastics,basketball,and volleyball. i also belong to the student council. i am also an honor roll student. i am EXTREMELY HOT-HEADED, so please be careful about what you say to me. i am extremely active on this site, & i may as well be here every day, after my sports.


i currently have no friends on this site, yet i do plan to make some!!!!

my sims games:

the sims complete collection, the sims 2 & all of its expansion packs, & the sims 3 & all of its expansion packs. pretty impressive, huh?

My favorite pages on this site, and some info for othersEdit

okay. my favorite pages here probably are

Brandi Broke

Dustin Broke

Beau Broke

others: if you are from stardoll, my account is called "allison386". if you are from girlsgogames, my account name is also "allison386". please friend me if you are on any of these sites. TRUST ME, I FRIEND ANYONE!!!!

My favorite Sims & other random stuffEdit

 i have a LOT of favorite sims, but i am only going to write out some of my all-time favs here:

Holly Alto

Cody Remington

Malcolm Landgraab

random stuff:

i am dating a D.J.

i have ADD, like more people than you can count

i probably spend more time in game than on this wiki.

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