Unused accessories
Unused Hairstyles
The parents', teenager's and police officer's hairstyles are not in the game.

An unused accessory is an accessory (such as an article of clothing or hairstyle) that appears in early screenshots or in-game (either on a family tree icon or in a storytelling picture) but does not physically appear in the game itself. These occur in most Sims games, including The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 (though most of the The Sims 4 unused content is from Olympus concept art), but it is much more noticeable in The Sims 2. There are several Sims with noticeable unused content in-game such as Irma Oldie and Gertrude Beaker.

Some unused accessories are present in the game files, but are either incomplete or hidden. In some cases, custom content creators have been able to recover or unlock the content and make it available.


Punk Streak MegEdit

This purple and red hair can be seen on some promotional artwork, but it isn't available in game.


A recreation of Irma's hair can be found here.

A recreation of the other hair known as "BunBang" can be found here.

Flip HairEdit

French BraidEdit

Double Bun HairEdit

Widow's PeakEdit

A finished version of this hair can be found here.

Messy HairEdit

A recreation of this hairstyle for adults and elders can be found here.

Meg HairEdit

The unused version of the hairstyle can be downloaded here.

Bowl Twist Edit

A recreation of this hair can be downloaded here.



A mod which makes this hair available can be found here.

Gibs HairEdit

A mod which makes this hair available can be found here.

Toddler's Curly puff HairEdit

There is a mod that is recreated and can be found here.

Female Toddler's HairEdit

Male Child's HairEdit

Layered HairEdit


Bella Squared HairEdit

A long hair with unknown name was most notably seen on the girl that heavily resembles beta version of Bella Goth, the hair model can still be found in PS2 port of The Sims 2 


Facial HairEdit

Other HairEdit





This cardigan is in the game but not in these colors. Recolors made using the extracted textures are available here.


A mod can be found here that makes these overalls available.



Round GlassesEdit

  • These glasses can be available for male adults via CAS by aging the adult down into a child, selecting the round glasses and aging them up again.

Thin GlassesEdit

  • These glasses can be downloaded from here, as an exact replica.



For some hats, the hat is available in-game, but the color or pattern shown is hidden.


Black DressEdit


These Suspenders are hidden in-game. but there is a mod that can be found here

Furniture PatternsEdit


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