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For the trait in The Sims 3, see Unflirty (The Sims 3).
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Unflirty is an emotional trait introduced in The Sims 4: City Living. It conflicts with the Romantic trait, and is available for Sims aged teen and up.

"These Sims get Tense around Flirty Sims and seldom get Flirty themselves. It's difficult for them to be Romantic in public."


  • These Sims can reject people in public.
  • These Sims have renamed romantic actions that are less effective than the normal counterparts:
    • Unflirty Introduction
    • Futile Flirt
    • Crudely Compliment Appearance
    • Blow a Timid Kiss
    • Ask Completely Inappropriate Question Over and Over Again
    • Anxiously Confess Attraction
    • Feebly Ask on Date
    • Unflirty Kiss
    • Reluctantly Hold Hands
    • Reluctantly Embrace
    • Pathetic Pick-up Line
    • Attempt Seductive Whisper
    • Awkward Hug
    • Lightly Brush Cheek
    • Give Half-Hearted Massage
    • Ineptly Ask for Massage
    • Reluctantly Profess Undying Love
    • Reluctantly Look Into Eyes
    • Nervously Ask to Be Boyfriend/Girlfriend
    • Whisper Nothing in Particular
    • Reluctantly Snuggle
    • Unconvincingly Tease Like a Flirt
    • Send Unflirty Text
  • A Sim who performs an unsuccessful romantic interaction with an unflirty Sim will receive a +2 "Hold Your Horses" embarrassed moodlet, besides the usual +2 "Awkward Encounter" embarrassed moodlet. At the same time, the unflirty Sim will receive a +1 "Flirty Rebuff" embarrassed moodlet.
  • An unflirty Sim who performs an unsuccessful romantic interaction will receive a +1 "Flirty Disaster" uncomfortable moodlet.
  • An unflirty Sim who is targeted by an successful romantic interaction will receive a +1 "Moving Too Fast" tense moodlet.
  • Unflirty Sims will react negatively to Sims who perform romantic interactions near them.

Unflirty Sims[]

Lily Feng, Darling Walsh, Raj Rasoya

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