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Emotion - Uncomfortable.png
An Uncomfortable Sim.

Uncomfortable is an emotion available in The Sims 4. It occurs when Sims have low needs, eat spoiled food or drink, enter a room full of dirty or broken items, wake up after a workout or sometimes when using cheap showers, beds, baths, or other cheap furnitures/appliances. Most Sims also become uncomfortable after eating fruitcake.

The uncomfortable emotion is experienced by child Sims or older. Toddlers who have low needs instead have an angry or sad emotion depending on their trait. This emotion can evolve into very uncomfortable if a Sim's needs are at a very low level or if a Sim accumulates several Uncomfortable moodlets at the same time.

Elder Sims who engage in strenuous activities (e.g. physical exercise or WooHoo) will become "Dangerously Tired" (Very Uncomfortable), which may lead to Death by exertion if they continue to exert themselves.

Pregnant Sims become very uncomfortable when giving birth, and children can throw tantrums while uncomfortable, along when feeling tense.

Interactions and Activities[]

Sims will only have a chance to use these interactions and do these activities while uncomfortable.


  • Complain about Problems (Social Interaction)
  • Discuss Uncomfortable Mood
  • Scoff in Discomfort (Child and Teens Only)


Relieve In Discomfort (Private Journal - Children and Teens Only)

Supportive Traits[]

These traits affect how often a Sim is uncomfortable.

  • Foodie Sims will become uncomfortable when eating poorly prepared food or drink.
  • Lazy Sims may become uncomfortable when exercising.
  • Squeamish Sims are easily made uncomfortable by dirty things.
  • Neat Sims will be uncomfortable by being near messy things.
  • Gluttons will be even more uncomfortable when hungry.
  • Unflirty Sims will become uncomfortable after witnessing romance or failing a romance.
  • Jealous Sims can easily get Jealous Pangs and become uncomfortable as a result.

Careers and Jobs[]

No careers benefit from the Sim being uncomfortable or have it as their ideal emotion.


  • When the game was first released, Very Uncomfortable was called "Miserable".
  • When Very Uncomfortable, Sims cannot build skills.