Unborn baby Jones-Brown is the unborn child of Jenni Jones-Brown and Goodwin Goode, and consequently the grandchild of Renee William-Brown and Lenny Smith-Jones. Jenni realizes that she is pregnant with it shortly after her family is first played.

As with all illegitimate children, the baby will be born with the last name of the mother (Jones-Brown), but if Jenni marries Goodwin, it will be a Goode (assuming Jenni takes Goodwin's last name). If she doesn't marry him, then players have the option to go to City Hall and manually change the baby's last name to Goode. Some players also choose to give the baby yet another hyphenated last name, such as "Jones-Goode." Some players also like to change Jenni's name to "Smith-Jones-William-Brown". Then they change they baby's name to "Smith-Jones-William-Brown-Goode".

If the pregnancy is left alone the baby tends to be a girl with at least one trait her/his mother. The baby will be almost always blonde with light skin due to his/her parent's genetics. The may also be a very kind person as both her/his parents have the Hopeless Romantic and the Family-Oriented traits.

The baby could be somehow related to Smith family from The Sims 2 and/or related to the Jones family.

The Jones-Brown Family
Lenny - Renee - Jenni - Unborn baby
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