{{Sim3 |game = The Sims 3 (console) |name = Tyler Vasquez |image = Tyler Vasquez.jpg |caption = Tyler loves to dote on his wife despite the ribbing he gets from his coworkers about marrying a older woman. |sex = Male |age = Young Adult |career = Political |careerlevel =City Council Member |trait1 = Good |trait2 = Family-Oriented |trait3 = Charismatic |trait4 = Angler |trait5 = Great Kisser |wish = Leader of the Free World |music = Pop |food = Peanut Butter and Jelly |color = Aqua |hair = Black |eye = Blue |skin = Light |body = Fit |family = Vasquez family |parents = |siblings = ) |spouse = Heather Vasquez Wife |maritalstatus = Married |child = Elaine Austen Step-Daughter, Unborn baby Vasquez } Daughter }

Tyler Vasquez is a Sim living in Moonlight Bay with his pregnant wife and stepdaughter Elaine Austen, and doesn't have a good relationship with her. Tyler is a City Council Member in the Political career. According to his bio, Tyler is ribbed on due to the fact that his wife, Heather Vasquez, is much older than he is, he being an young adult and she being an Adult. At the beginning of the game, his wife is pregnant with their first baby, which usually turns out to be a girl if the pregnancy is left alone.

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