'"In its heyday, Twinbrook was a small industrial town at the mouth of the Simislaus creeks. Years later, the dam was built, bringing dramatic changes to the town. With an influx of professionals, artists and inventors living around the Sim-made lake, Twinbrook is experiencing a rebirth. How will life in this eclectic community turn out?"'

Twinbrook is a town which shipped with The Sims 3: Ambitions.

In its heyday, Twinbrook was a small industrial town at the mouth of the Simislaus creeks. Years later, the dam was built and it changed everything for the town. Now with an influx of professionals, artists, and inventors living around the Sim-made lake, Twinbrook is experiencing a rebirth. How will life in this eclectic community turn out?[1]


In an interview, Grant Rodiek first mentioned Twinbrook, saying;

"The town of Twinbrook is absolutely beautiful and designed specifically for players. You will clearly see how our world-designing team has improved when you discover Twinbrook."[1]

Twinbrook stresses the new professions and skills introduced in Ambitions, such as the Stylist profession or Inventing skill.

According to a Gamespot hands-on, Twinbrook 'is a fictitious bayou town not unlike a backwoods suburb of Louisiana.'[2] Players who attended the UK hands on event report that Twinbrook 'is a huge new town, which had been flooded, and is now half-swamp half-town. The swampy areas are very dank and misty. The other side of Twinbrook has brand new shops such as the laundromat, The tattoo parlour and stylist shop and much more. I really enjoyed having a look around Twinbrook, and the place looks really great.' They've also re-done most of the rabbit holes, such as the diner.'[3] It may be assumed that Simslaus Creek references Stanislaus County, a county located in California or the Stanislaus River located in the mentioned county.

Interestingly, all the premade deceased Sims in Twinbrook are pale green if resurrected, suggesting they are some sort of undead or that they have some kind of alien genes, another reference to Strangetown.


Residential lots

Community lots


Returning Families

Difficulty: 4
Notzo Curious, Bunny Curious, Cherish Curious, Marshall Curious
Julienne Knack, Pattina Knack, Nick Knack
26 Puddlewick Drive
Difficulty: 3
Zo Whelohff, Rich Whelohff, Rosy Whelohff
36 Puddlewick Drive (Lush Living, 40x40)

New Families

Difficulty: 2
Buddy Bailey and Gala Ball
19 Poker Flats Drive (Aquarius Atrium, 20x30)
23 Puddlewick Drive
Mary Baker, Lincoln Baker, Newton Baker
Difficulty: 3
Gwayne Bayless, Skeet Bayless, Chase Bayless, Tay Bayless
153 Herschel's Pond Road (Marsh Manson, 40x40)
Difficulty: 1
Marc Brandt
5 Poker Flats Drive (On Deck, 20x30)
Difficulty: 1
Amy Bull
13 Poker Flats Drive (Starboard Cottage, 20x30)
§55 000
Difficulty: 1
Sofia Carlton
47 Earl's Bridge Road
Difficulty: 3
Robert Castor, Beverly Castor, Jeffrey Castor, Thomas Castor
32 Sweetwater Loop (Subdivision Model B, 30x40)
Difficulty: 1
Harwood Clay
1 Poker Flats Drive (Ego Nest, 20x30)
Difficulty: 1
Molly Coddle
17 Poker Flats Drive (Sea Salt, 20x30)
Difficulty: 1
Juan Darer
27 Herring Ranch Road (30x40)
Difficulty: 2
Shamus Drudge and Eva Drudge
9 Catfish Flats Drive (Romance in the Reeds, 30x30)
Difficulty: 1
Dudley Racket
12 Catfish Flats Drive (Certified Habitable, 30x30)
Difficulty: 2
Goodwin Goode and Sinbad Rotter
14 Poker Flats Drive (Dolphin Digs, 20x30)
Jade Greenwood, Emerald Greenwood, Oliver Greenwood, Holly Greenwood
40 Sweetwater Loop
Difficulty: 2
Justin Kayes, Wei Keane, Lang Gwydd
332 Rue de Sterling (Greek Revival, 20x30)
Difficulty: 2
Kat Hunter, Buck Green
50 Sweetwater Loop (30x30)
Difficulty: 2
Lenny Smith-Jones, Renee William-Brown, Jenni Jones-Brown
4 Poker Flats Drive (Lakeside Perch, 30x20)
Milly Pidgin, Dilly Pidgin
16 Wandering Heights Road
Difficulty: 3
Phoenix Prudence, Parker Prudence, Pansy Prudence
156 Savannah Lane (No Frills Villa, 30x40)
Max Racket, Marigold Racket, Bill Racket, Dennis Racket, Silver Racket, Shark Racket, Lolly Racket
53 Puddlewick Road
Difficulty: 1
Anna-Liza Riddle
338 Rue de Sterling (Bygone Charm, 20x30)
Difficulty: 2
Blaise Kindle and Alma Drill
24 Sweetwater Loop (Midsummer Eves, 30x40)
Difficulty: 2
Bobby Sargeant, Scout Sargeant
336 Rue de Sterling
Difficulty: 2
Clark Peddler and Penny Pincher
64 Westlake Drive (Portico Model One, 20x30)
DeAndre Wolf
33 Puddlewick Drive (Rock Cabin 60x60)

Homeless Sims

These Sims are premade, but homeless when Twinbrook is first loaded.

Tim Burre - A homeless tattoo artist.
Shyla Curtis - Unemployed and homeless.
Doug Downey - Unemployed and homeless.
Des Eyre - Unemployed and homeless.
Lucy Ferne - Unemployed and homeless.
Terry A. Keyes - Unemployed and homeless.
Charmaine Manne - Unemployed and homeless.
Betty Wills - Unemployed and homeless.

Deceased Sims

Twinbrook images

Family Gallery


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