The onomatology (study of names) of the families in Twinbrook.

The Art and Love HouseholdEdit

  • Bailey: means "bailiff" in Old French
  • Ball: from the English word "ball", which in this case is probably referring to the kind of elaborate party
  • Buddy Bailey: from the English word meaning "friend"
  • Gala Ball: from the English word meaning "a festivity"

The Baker FamilyEdit

  • Baker: an occupational name for a baker
  • Mary Baker: could mean "sea of bitterness", "rebelliousness" or "wished for child" in Hebrew
  • Lincoln Baker: a surname derived from a city of England
  • Newton Baker: means "new town" in Old English

The Bayless FamilyEdit

  • Bayless: an English surname, probably from "bailiff", signifying a steward or servant
  • Gwayne Bayless: a variant of the name Gwyn, which means "fair, white, blessed" in Welsh. Similar to the name of Sir Gawain, a knight of the round table in Arthurian legend.
  • Skeet Bayless: from the English word skeet, a sport of shooting at clay pigeons
  • Chase Bayless: means "chase, hunt" in Old French
  • Tay Bayless: short for Taylor, a surname for someone who was a tailor

The Brandt FamilyEdit

  • Brandt: variant of Brand, meaning "sword" in German
  • Marc Brandt: short for Marcus, which is derived from Mars, meaning "man" in Latin

The Bull FamilyEdit

  • Bull: simply means "bull" in English
  • Amy Bull: means "beloved" in French

The Carlton FamilyEdit

  • Carlton: an English place name meaning "town of the free peasants"
  • Sofia Carlton: variant of Sophia, meaning "wisdom" in Greek, also the capital city of the European country of Bulgaria

The Castor FamilyEdit

  • Castor: likely referring to the star in the solar system
  • Robert Castor: means "bright fame" in German
  • Beverly Castor: means "beaver stream" in Old English
  • Jeffrey Castor: variant of Geoffrey, which could mean "peace" and "territory", "stranger" or "hostage" in German
  • Thomas Castor: means "twin" in Greek

The Clay FamilyEdit

  • Clay: from the English word "clay"
  • Harwood Clay: a pun on the English word "hardwood"

The Coddle FamilyEdit

  • Coddle: means to treat one with excessive indulgence, or to pamper someone
  • Molly Coddle: short for Mary, which could mean "sea of bitterness", "rebelliousness" or "wished for child" in Hebrew; the name is a pun, "mollycoddle" meaning to pamper someone

The Darer FamilyEdit

  • Darer: likely a variation on "daring", referring to the sim's personality
  • Juan Darer: Spanish form of John, meaning "God is gracious"; the name is a pun for "wanderer".

The Drudge FamilyEdit

  • Drudge: means "a person who does tedious, menial or unpleasant work"
  • Shamus Drudge: variant of Seamus, which is ultimately derived from Jacob, meaning "holder of the heel" or "supplanter"
  • Eva Drudge: variant of Eve, meaning "to breathe"

The Dudley HouseholdEdit

  • Racket: means "a lot of noise"
  • Dudley Racket: means "Dudda's clearing" in Old English

The Goode and Bad HouseholdEdit

The Greenwood FamilyEdit

  • Greenwood: likely referring to the family's eco-friendly reputation, a combination of the words "green" and "wood"
  • Oliver Greenwood: means "olive tree" in Latin
  • Holly Greenwood: from the English word for the holly tree
  • Jade Greenwood: from the word for the precious stone
  • Emerald Greenwood: from the word for the precious stone

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