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World · Featured in: The Sims 3: Ambitions
Twinbrook thumbnail
In its heyday, Twinbrook was a small industrial town at the mouth of the Simislaus creeks. Years later, the dam was built, bringing dramatic changes to the town. With an influx of professionals, artists and inventors living around the Sim-made lake, Twinbrook is experiencing a rebirth. How will life in this eclectic community turn out?
Name Twinbrook
Game TS3A Icon The Sims 3: Ambitions
Housed residents 62
Skies Clear

Twinbrook is a world which was originally shipped with The Sims 3: Ambitions. It is most likely named after the twin rivers that flow on either side of the richer part of the town, near such households such as the Whelohffs.


Grant Rodiek first mentioned Twinbrook in an interview, saying;

"The town of Twinbrook is absolutely beautiful and designed specifically for players. You will clearly see how our world-designing team has improved when you discover Twinbrook."[1]

Twinbrook stresses the new professions and skills introduced in Ambitions, such as the Stylist profession or Inventing skill.

Twinbrook is situated on a bayou or swamp. Twinbrook may be in the state of Simisouri, according to DeAndre Wolfe's bio. Much of the town is designed in a French style like many bayou towns. For example, the town library is a classic French design with two porticos, one at both entrances.

According to a GameSpot hands-on, Twinbrook "is a fictitious bayou town not unlike a backwoods suburb of Louisiana."[2] Players who attended the UK hands on event reported that Twinbrook is 'a huge new town, which had been flooded, and is now half-swamp half-town. The swampy areas are very dank and misty. The other side of Twinbrook has brand new shops such as the laundromat, the tattoo parlor and stylist shop and much more. I really enjoyed having a look around Twinbrook, and the place looks really great. "They've also re-done most of the rabbit holes, such as the diner."[3] It may be assumed that Simslaus Creek references Stanislaus County, a county located in California, or the Stanislaus River located in said county.

Interestingly, all the pre-made deceased Sims in Twinbrook are pale green if resurrected. They also have gray hair, are all barefoot, and most (if not all) like the color grey. In this post on, SimGuruLily says that this was intentional, but does not say what the intent was. It is very possible that this is a reference to classic comic book supervillain Solomon Grundy, who was resurrected after being "buried" in a swamp, emerging as a green-skinned, white-haired, bare-footed demi-zombie. In addition, some ghosts share their surnames with the living Sims and also have similar looks and personality traits to them, but they are not connected in the family trees.

The town appears to have a larger population of rich Sims than Sunset Valley or Riverview has. These families include the Whelohffs, Pidgins, Knacks, and the Bakers. Additionally, several of the houses belonging to the rich are larger than those of Sunset Valley and Riverview wealthy families; most families in Twinbrook start with §5,000 or §10,000 in cash, while in the other worlds almost all families start with around §1000 in cash. Therefore, Twinbrook is, by far, the most wealthy (non-store) world in the game after Bridgeport.

Twinbrook is technically an island, which can be seen in map view. Along the river beyond the Rackets' house, there seem to be buildings which look like skyscrapers; some people think it is a reference to Bridgeport. The only other worlds which have this are Champs Les Sims, Bridgeport and Sims University.


Twinbrook Overview

Residential Lots[]

Community Lots[]

Rabbit Holes

In the initial release of Ambitions, many of the community lots containing rabbit holes had unique lot names. These were later removed in a patch, resulting in the lots simply being named "Community Lot".

Some of the names appear to be earlier labels for the new rabbit hole variations introduced in the expansion:

  • Creekside General Hospital (hospital)
  • End of the Line Boxcar Diner (diner)
  • Hollowlog Point Military Base (military base)
  • Lakeside Corporate park (office building)
  • Riverside Professional Sports Complex (stadium)
  • Twinbrook Town Hall (city hall)

The other names were most likely intended to be unique names for the base-game rabbit holes used in Twinbrook:

  • Bistro Rouge (bistro)
  • Twinbrook Police Department (police department)
  • Twinbrook Theatre for the Performing Arts (theatre)
  • Twinbrook Storage Corporation Warehouse (abandoned warehouse)
  • Whistlestop Day Spa (spa)

Additionally, the lot for Stary Community School is named "Westlake School", but this was not patched out. The names were possibly removed to avoid confusion, as the new rabbit holes were ultimately assigned different names, and the base game rabbit holes themselves cannot be renamed at all.


New families[]

Difficulty: 2
Buddy Bailey, Gala Ball
Buddy Bailey, more than anything else, is a painter. He loves it with all that he is, but he just can't seem to get by on an artist's wage. Gala believes that just because she's finally done with school, it doesn't mean the party has to end! Will this couple be able to figure out how to live the lifestyle they love, and be able to pay the mortgage?
Difficulty: 3
Mary Baker, Lincoln Baker, Newton Baker
From the cookhouse of an expensive restaurant to a backyard crawfish cookout, Mary Baker wields the tools of the kitchen with deft culinary skills and technique. So much so that she has made a nice little life for herself and her two sons. Just don't cross her, unless you want to feel a mother's wrath!
Difficulty: 3
Gwayne Bayless, Skeet Bayless, Chase Bayless, Tay Bayless
The origins of the Bayless name are a bit hard to track down. Written records (where legible) even two generations back use the "less," "liss" and even "lies" suffix varietals. Debt prison records from 1788 list one Phillipe Bai l'Est as a catfish-thief and "chronic renegor" but lineage is circumstantial at best, and like little Chase says, "Why y'all cares 'bout 'postrophes?"
Difficulty: 1
Marc Brandt
Marc has the smarts to be successful in just about whatever he wants in life, so... he joined the Military. The idea of a desk job just didn't have the right kind of appeal for him... but we'll see just how long Marc's creative side can handle the rigidity of the corps. Maybe a profession with a little more artistic appeal would be better for Marc?
Difficulty: 1
Amy Bull
Don't be caught wearing last season's shoes around this superfly fashionista! Amy's hip to the scene in her neighborhood and knows a thing or two about what's haute. Working part time hours down at the Day Spa to pay the bills, Amy's dreams of being a Fashion Phenomenon are what keeps her going. Does she have the styling know how to make it?
Difficulty: 1
Sofia Carlton
Lots of folks think young Ms. Carlton isn't interested in much more than her good looks and trust fund. Not to say that this isn't true, but deep down Sofia aspires to be much more than her inheritance... as long as it involves her popularity and a lot of partying. Can she prove the tabloids wrong?
Difficulty: 3
Robert Castor, Beverly Castor, Jeffrey Castor, Thomas Castor
When Bob first analyzed Bev's profile on the dating site, he figured she was "the one." Simultaneously, the database beamed his dithered smile past the spam filter, right into her heart's inbox. He proposed on the 3rd date and the rest is history. But can they keep the secret to a "perfect marriage" private now that naughty little Jeffrey has begun tinkering with computers? What WILL the neighbors say!
Difficulty: 1
Harwood Clay
After a rough upbringing with parents who were rarely there for him, Harwood poured his troubles into art. At the age of 16, Harwood was named "Child Prodigy" by Sculptors Weekly, thus beginning an illustrious career of artwork. Now in his twilight years, Harwood is keeping a low profile in his humble lakeside abode. Will his neighbors ever find out who he actually is?
Difficulty: 1
Molly Coddle
Molly moved here at a time when she didn't really know what she was going to do with her life. With few friends and no job, she began volunteering at the Hospital and it just kind of stuck. Now a full-time Medical Intern, Molly is thriving in her new career... but still has few friends. Will she be able to achieve her dream of becoming a World Renowned Surgeon all on her own?
Difficulty: 1
Juan Darer
Juan Darer is a man of many mysteries... and talents. After losing his house to a fire, that may or may not have been caused by one of his many inventions, Juan decided to move into the barn next to the remains of his house. If he's not rummaging through one of the town's junkyards, you'll find him here working on his next crazy piece of "art."
Difficulty: 2
Shamus Drudge, Eva Drudge
Shamus and Eva are a traditional couple who have come a long way to live here in Twinbrook... and life is a bit different than they expected. Despite fulfilling a lifelong dream to move here, their new jobs, new neighbors, and new way of life has been a bit overwhelming for them. Will their traditional values and customs keep them from fitting in in Twinbrook?
Difficulty: 1
Dudley Racket
"Lil'Dudley Do Goodie" memories of the familial tease-sessions still burn. How many years has he been out? Their laughs have faded but the echoes still ring in the ears. A member of the Racket family behind a badge instead of bars? He walked out of that life early but never got over his fascination with criminal science. Who's the real wise guy now?
Difficulty: 2
Goodwin Goode, Sinbad Rotter
The story of how Goodwin and Sinbad ended up as housemates is lost to history, but with such different personalities, the question of why these guys still live together is even more of a mystery. However as fate would have it, Goodwin may find himself in a bit of a pickle in the coming days... one that only Sinbad may be able to help him though.
Difficulty: 4
Jade Greenwood, Emerald Greenwood, Oliver Greenwood, Holly Greenwood
Since the birth of their first child Jade, Oliver and Holly have tried to raise their family in the greenest and most carbon neutral way possible. From eating sustainably to riding bikes instead of taking cars, Jade and Emerald have looked up to their parent's ways of doing things. However, the day will come when the kids find themselves being picked on at school for their eco-friendly lifestyle. What will they do then?
Difficulty: 2
Justin Kayes, Wei Keane, Lang Gwydd
Meet the U83R El33t D00Dz! (zzz.U3DZ.sim) Justin "Smack Pod" Kayes' highly creative play has made him the most popular TarzWar player in history. Wei "Warz Lordz" Keane's sinister trapping style of play and curious outbursts make him a crowd favorite at every TWCon e-tour match-up. Then there's Lang "BlizzEgo" Gyydd [sic] . Statistically, he's the best player in history with excellent macroage and the official coach of the Clan -=U3DZ=-. KAFTW guyz!!!
Difficulty: 2
Kat Hunter, Buck Green
Who says love is bound by age? It most certainly is not for Kat and Buck! Despite their sizable age gap, awkwardness when out in public, and some generational misunderstandings, this unique couple couldn't be happier! But will their love last if Buck's Professional Sports career takes him to fame and riches?
Difficulty: 2
Lenny Smith-Jones, Renee William-Brown, Jenni Jones-Brown
There's been better times for the Jones-Brown-Smith-William family... but who's to say bad times aren't just an opportunity for things to get much better? Despite her young age and her parent's constant bickering, Jenni is excited to be a mother! How will her pregnancy go and will the child's father be there to support her?
Difficulty: 2
Pattina Knack, Nick Knack, Julienne Knack
Pattina never imagined that her artistic abilities would take her so far in life. She never imagined she might own a party barn either, but she does. The question is, will she be able to manage her illustrious career as well as the family she never thought she'd have?
Difficulty: 2
Milly Pidgin, Dilly Pidgin
From the day Dilly was born, Milly hoped her daughter would grow up to be just like her. Little did she know how much like her she would actually be! This crazily eccentric mother-daughter combo has been though a lot together... But can their relationship survive any new romantic interests in town?

The making of the lot notably used Moveobjects and foundation walls to simulate a swimming pool that had collapsed and flooded onto the grass nearby, turning it into a fishing lake.

Difficulty: 3
Phoenix Prudence, Parker Prudence, Pansy Prudence
When he was younger, this single father had an exciting career in Law Enforcement... but when his two children came along, and he became their only provider, lots of things changed. Will he be able to raise healthy children and support his family on a teacher's wage?
Difficulty: 5
Max Racket, Marigold Racket, Bill Racket, Dennis Racket, Silver Racket, Shark Racket, Lolly Racket
Are personality disorders inherited? Dennis slipped up and gave an inch. The old man took a mile. Now the corrupt old frauds just take, fake and foil. "Walking defect" Bill skims off the top while the teens beg for attention in neglected obscurity. How long can the sanity assault continue? Will Silver's hijacked years and stolen looks ever know the bitter-sweet taste of revenge? Little Lolly may be this line's only hope of redemption.
Difficulty: 1
Anna-Liza Riddle
Murder... Mystery... Suspense! Anna-Liza is a master of these classic literary devices... But how did she get so good at writing such ominous fiction? The well-liked Ms. Riddle has a taste for all things mortal, morbid, and morose... but these are just thoughts in her head.
Difficulty: 2
Blaise Kindle, Alma Drill
Blaise and Alma may be new housemates, but they've been close friends for quite a while. Alma is enjoying her career in education, but Blaise is looking to join the local fire department. Will living together strain their friendship, or take it to places they never expected?
Difficulty: 2
Bobby Sargeant, Scout Sargeant
High speed chases, encounters with notorious criminals, and dangerous missions are all in a day's work for this crime investigating duo. With their combined skills in the military and civilian law enforcement agencies, there is never a dull moment for Bobby and Scout as they combine their knowledge to combat cruel injustices. But will they be enough to save the world?
Difficulty: 2
Clark Peddler, Penny Pincher
Clark and Penny are all about the Simoleons. Despite their dwindling day jobs, it's no secret that Clark is always trying to make it big... he's always selling and buying things from people, trying to turn a profit. The question is, will Penny stay with him long enough for him to strike it rich?
DeAndre Wolfe
Many rock stars hit their peak without ever knowing it and continue a downward spiral of a career into their twilight years. DeAndre Wolfe has come a long way since his childhood in the bayou of Simisouri, but is he at his peak? That's hard to tell. Will his star shine on, or burn out?

Returning families[]

Difficulty: 4
Notzo Curious, Bunny Curious, Cherish Curious, Marshall Curious
In line with the Curious family's inherent longing for the discovery of knowledge (even if it works towards their own detriment), little does Marshall know what his current research at the Science Facility will mean for generations of his family to come.
Difficulty: 3
Zo Whelohff, Rich Whelohff, Rosy Whelohff
The Whelohff's seem to have it all. A big shiny house, nice car, and great careers... many people in the neighborhood aspire to be just like them. But with Rich's late nights at the lab and Rosy's social life to keep up, will anyone be there to raise the cute and charming little Zo?

Homeless Sims[]

These Sims are pre-made, but homeless when Twinbrook is first loaded.


Deceased Sims[]



  • The water level at the center of Twinbrook is higher than the ocean level, and it's considered as lake. Players cannot place a lot or houseboat on the lake, nor can Sims use boat on it with Island Paradise.
  • In patch 1.55, the bookstore in Twinbrook is not accessible. This only happens if the entrance of a rabbit hole is 3 tiles or fewer from the edge of the lot. This can be fixed by editing the lot and moving the bookstore one tile further from the lot edge. This bug has been fixed in the subsequent patch, patch 1.57.
  • If Seasons is installed, the lake might freeze over, letting players have their Sims skate on the lake.


  • All deceased Sims from Twinbrook have green skin, grey hair and walk barefoot.
  • There's a sculpture named Twisting Fingers in The Sims 3: Late Night. The description mentions the world's longest fingernails belonging to someone from Twinbrook.
  • The lot the Stary Community School is located on is called Westlake School, which could have been a mistake made by the world's creators when they renamed the rabbithole.
  • The descriptions for the pet houses in The Sims 3: Pets refer to Twinbrook's architecture. Also, one of them is named The Twinbrook Tandem Pet House.
  • There's a stroller in The Sims 3: Generations called The Twinbrook Roller. The description mentions that it was designed and manufactured in Twinbrook.
  • The mausoleum of Twinbrook is called "Jolina Family Mausoleum." It may or may not be named after Jamie Jolina and/or her family.
  • Several Sims from this town have pun names such as Anne T. Septik and Molly Coddle.
  • It is possible that Twinbrook is located in a country's border since two roads that connect Twinbrook to other towns are blocked.
    • Alternately, since the military air base is also fenced off and heavily guarded, Twinbrook could implausibly be a closed city of military significance.
  • In The Sims 4: Laundry Day Stuff, there is an object called "Zydeco Rub-Board" mentioning that Sims from Appaloosa Plains to Twinbrook used to practise Zydeco music, but it lost its popularity.