Tutorial Hood
Name Tutorial
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
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The Tutorial neighborhood is the home of the Sim family featuring the married couple Tutorial Joe and Tutorial Jane Sim. It is used in the learn to play tutorial in The Sims 2. It features 31 Sims including its own unique NPCs. This neighborhood has no community lots.

There is a glitch in game that will cause any other neighborhood named "Tutorial" to have the same special functions as this neighborhood (saving a lot will be impossible, tutorial-special based interface images etc.).

In this neighborhood, the game does not allow any Sims to die on the lot. If a Sim is about to die in some way, or a player uses testing cheats to kill a Sim, the game will immediately begin loading the Tutorial Menu but will instead take the player to the main menu.

Families Edit

Tutorial Joe Sim, Tutorial Jane Sim

Townies and NPCsEdit