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Tucker Burb
Gender Male Male
Age Adult Adult
Species Hund.png Dog
Breed Labrador Retriever
Johnny thinks Tucker is the world's best dog! Tucker sometimes thinks he's a cat.
Family/Families Burb family
Owners Johnny Burb
Traits Vocal
Highly Social
Laid back
Other information
Game The Sims: Unleashed
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Old Town

In The Sims: Unleashed, Tucker Burb is the pet dog of the Burb family, which resides in Old Town. For some reason, Tucker sometimes thinks he is a cat. Tucker seems to be very close to John, although he has a low relationship with Tiffany, and decently acquainted with Brad.

Tucker did not reappear in The Sims 2 and he is presumed to be deceased. However, players with The Sims 2: Pets can recreate him - or create any descendants they might imagine for him. He is very friendly and playful.

Loud 1 Hushed
Grouchy 6 Highly Social
Lazy 7 Energetic
Slow 5 Clever
Independent 6 Devoted


The Sims[]

Image Name Relationship score Relationship level
Johnny Burb thumbnail.jpg Johnny Burb 54/50 Friend
Brad Burb thumbnail.jpg Brad Burb 35/20 Acquaintance
Tiffany Burb thumbnail.jpg Tiffany Burb 5/9 Acquaintance

Other Languages[]

Language The Sims: Unleashed
English Tucker Burb
Swedish Trötter Gettå
Danish Trofast Bøvs
Dutch Bello Modaal
Portuguese (BR)

Bisteca Campos


タッカー バーブ
(Tucker Burb)