Tree of Prosperity
Discovered deep in the Crystal Mines of Lunar Lakes the colonists have dubbed this unusual entity “The Tree of Prosperity.” Only recently have they found a way to transport the tree and make it thrive on the planet’s surface. What secrets do the crystal fruits conceal?
Game The Sims 3 Store
Buyability Buy Mode
Price in game §1000
Object type(s) Decor
Size 4x4
The Tree of Prosperity is an object from Lunar Lakes. This exotic plant is made of floating crystals and changes shape throughout the day. Sims can harvest fruit to improve their skills and fulfill motives.


There are five known colors of trees:

  • Green: Fruit of Harvest - Gardening, cooking, and fishing skills. Being around raises hunger.
  • Blue: Fruit of Mind - Logic, inventing,[TS3A] writing, handiness, and charisma skills. Being around raises energy.
  • Pink: Fruit of Body - Athletic, martial arts,[TS3WA] handiness, and riding[TS3P] skills. Being around raises hygiene.
  • Purple: Fruit of Soul - Sculpting,[TS3A] painting, guitar, and photography[TS3WA] skills. Being around raises fun.
  • Gold: Fruit of Abundance - Raises any skill.[1]

The Fruit of Harvest will be spiral shaped, the Fruit of Mind will be cuboid (square/cube), the Fruit of Body will be a pyramid, the Fruit of Soul will look like a star/flower, and the Fruit of Abundance will be spherical (circle).

If the player has installed the wishing well, the tree will be surrounded by pixies and fireflies in the evening.



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