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Tree of Emotions
Tree of Emotions Fruit
Game The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure
Buyability No
Object type(s) Plant

The Tree of Emotions is a special harvestable plant found in Selvadorada. It is found rarely throughout the Selvadoradian Jungle and is guaranteed to be found in front of the Omiscan Temple. It is useful for solving puzzles within the temple that require the Sim to be in a certain kind of emotion. The Tree of Emotions resembles a Plantain or Forbidden Fruit tree and it will grow different berries that give emotional effects upon consumption. Each berry is physically identical with different colors.


The Tree of Emotion is mostly used for bringing Sims into a certain emotion depending on which berry is consumed. This makes it sometimes integral to solving and surviving the Omiscan Temple in Selvadorada. When at home, the berries can be used to grow in one's career, level skills more efficiently, or in any event that uses specific emotional states. The berries also function as normal fruit in recipes, being usable in multiple recipes that require a generic fruit as an ingredient.

Merry Berries can be used in combination with another berry variety to increase the emotional effect. Razzleberries can also be with sufficient Happiness and Playfulness to kill a Sim.

There is a total of seven varieties of berries.

Image Name Description Emotional effect
Merry Berries Merry Berries Happy little berries make for a happy little Sim. Just pop one in your mouth and try not to smile. I dare you. Happy
Gutsberries Gutsberries These berries instill a sense of confidence in a Sim. Eat a bunch and you'll get the guts for the most dangerous social maneuvers. Confident
Vimberries Vimberries These berries will get a Sim moving! Full of vim and vigor, nothing else gets you energized so quickly. And they're delicious to boot! A win-win! Energized
Flutterberries Flutterberries Be very careful around these berries. They will set your heart aflutter and can cause immediate flirtiness. Be aware of nearby Sims when consuming this fruit. Flirty
Cereberries Cereberries A quick handful of these berries will focus a Sim like a laser beam! Great for snacking during homework or when you just want to be able to concentrate. Focused
Museberries Museberries Writer's block? Struggling to solidify that spark of a great idea? Fear not, because around this fruit you're a bite away from a mouthful of inspiration. Inspired
Razzleberries Razzleberries These yummy berries are squishy and juicy. One taste will remind Sims of their childhood and cause playful tendencies. Playful


  • The Tree of Emotions is the first tree in the series to bear multiple varieties of fruit at one time rather than a single type.
  • Merry Berries are oddly the only variety to have a parsed name.
  • Cereberries' name is a play on the words "cerebral" and "berries". Or possibly a play on the word "cerebellum", the part of the brain needed for paying attention (or focusing).
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