The Traveller Family are Trent Traveller, Trisha Traveller or Tina Traveller. They are a premade family from Bon Voyage and are found in the Family bin. They are looking forward to traveling to exotic destinations.

Player Stories

  • I moved this family into Pleasntview. They go on a vacation every year. Trent and Trisha are close to death, and Tina has married Beau, and has befriended Lucy Burb. Tina has two daughters, and lives near the water.
  • The Travellers moved into a little house I built out in the woods of Pleasantview. It's near that tiny log cabin. Trent and Trisha both have jobs in the adventurer career track. Tina is good friends with Matt Huffington. I plan to get them married when they grow up. Matt is the son of Castor Nova and Heather Huffington. He and his twin brother Caleb are the couple's only biological children. Their other four are adopted.
  • My Travellers moved into Desiderata Valley. I put them in an existing lot (the one with a small river running through it). Trent went off into the Adventurer carer and now he's a space pirate. When not at work he likes to fish. Tricia mostly stays at home and talks to her plants. Tina did well at school and went away to college. She met Dimitri (child of Natasha Una and John Mole) at college and struck up a romance with him. The Travellers had one more daughter so far named Tulip. Tina finished college and now lives in the family home again, she became a ballerina. The lot is now extended and quite scenic, it includes a camping area and woods. The whole family has been on a camping holiday to Three Lakes which they seemed to enjoy. Apart from a few minor fights with a male maid, the Travellers live an enviably undramatic and peaceful life.
  • In my game i made Trisha get pregnant again and she had a son named Trey
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