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Beware of the tracks
Beware of the traps!

Traps are a feature introduced in The Sims 3 World Adventures and The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure.

The Sims 3: World AdventuresEdit

Traps are the defense mechanisms in tombs and, if Sims are not not careful, can result into an interference with a tomb mummy and result in the death of whoever gets caught by one. There are several kinds of traps; however, only one of them is a death trap. Sims can disarm most traps by tinkering with them or a hole in the wall, or pushing statues upon floor switches or, if the trap is on the floor, onto the trap itself. Sims can even use traps to evade others.

Fire Trap Edit

Firetrap alsimhara

A Sim caught in a fire trap.

Fire traps are mechanisms built in the floor or wall of tombs. When activated, the Sim will catch fire and will result in a "Torched" moodlet and unconsciousness in one hour (3 for Sims with daredevil trait). The moodlet can be eliminated by soaking in one of the water pools said to be inside the tombs (or using Shower in a Can). Fire traps can be deactivated and there are two ways to cross this trap safely. The first one is by entering a pool or dive well before crossing the trap, as it will render the moodlet "Soaked" and make the Sim a fire proof being. The other is by having the Fire-Proof trait.

Electricity TrapEdit

Electrictrap champs

A Sim caught in an electricity trap.

Electricity traps are generally the same as fire traps, but with electricity. The "Soaked" moodlet cannot prevent damage on a Sim. When failing to cross the electricity trap, the Sim will get shocked by the trap and get the "Singed" moodlet. If the Sim tries again with the moodlet but fails again, the Sim would pass out. A SimBot will have his/her Charge refilled when failing to cross this trap. An Electricity trap can also light fire and kill sims in that manner.

Dart Trap Edit

Dart traps fire tranquilizing darts, causing the Sim to have a knocked out moodlet, and then fall asleep, unable to be awoken again for about 30 minutes.

Mummy Trap Edit

Mummy's Curse


Main article: Mummy

A Mummy Trap will activate when the Sim comes near enough. It may render the Sim Cursed if he loses a fight with the creature set free by the trap. The Curse is lethal if the Sim does not make an attempt to lift it. Mummies can be defeated with a high enough athletic skill.

Steam TrapEdit

Steamtrap alsimhara

A Sim evades a steam trap.

Steam gives Sims the 'soaked' moodlet which makes them immune to fire. A really good puzzler tool - give a Sim a soaking with a steam trap to get past the fire trap. However, if the Sim is wearing a swimsuit they won't be affected by the steam and will not get the 'soaked' moodlet. Soaked moodlet initially gives your Sim a reduced mood.

Disarming trapsEdit

Sims can attempt to disarm floor traps directly, but doing so carries a risk of failure. A Sim that is singed will always fail when disarming traps. Floor traps can also be disarmed by having a Sim push statues over the traps, or by inspecting the tomb holes to control the trap.

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  • As Simbots are immune to Fire and Electricity traps, the player would have the Simbot set off the Fire/Electricity traps and then have the Human or Vampire Sims explore the tomb without any danger to the Human or Vampire.
  • If the Trap is placed in a house using Buydebug and the trap is set to Fire Trap. If the Sim is caught in the trap and the player tries to enter Buy/Build Mode, the game will not let you. This is because the game assumes that there is a fire on your lot (Unless the Alwaysallowbuildbuy cheat is enabled).
  • If Electricity traps are set in this manner, there is a chance of a fire starting on the lot when triggered.

The Sims 4: Jungle AdventureEdit

The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure introduces two types of traps that can inflict Sims while they are exploring.

Tomb trapsEdit

Tomb traps are located in the Omiscan Temple in Selvadorada. Triggering the wrong switch inside the temple will activate the traps. These traps may:

  • Instantly deplete the Sim's bladder motive, causing them to have an accident;
  • Kicks up a swirl of sand around the Sim which reduces a motive, mainly the Hygiene motive.
  • Ignites a Sim causing them to catch fire and die if it is not extinguished quickly.
  • Drops a pile of coins which disintegrates, reducing the social motive of a Sim and becomes sad.
  • If given a wrong social interaction to the Omiscan statue, it instantly depletes the social motive.
  • Causes a Sim to pass out briefly and be stressed.
  • Fire a poison dart at the Sim, which may cause death if an antidote is not found in time. The poisoned Sim will have green circles around their body. There is a chance that the Sim avoids the poison dart.

Below is a table showing the various switches inside the Omiscan Temple and its effects on the Sim when the trap is triggered.

Switch Type Depletes Bladder Swirl of Sand Fire Pile of Coins Depletes Social Pass Out Fires Poison Dart
Three spear-welding skeletons Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes
Four Bowls Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Omiscan Statue Yes No No No Yes No No
Emototional floor pedestal Yes No No No Yes No No
Rotating stack of blocks Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Tower with four holes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes

Insect encountersEdit

There is a chance that insects will attack Sims while they're exploring the Jungle District in Selvadorada.

  • Spiders may emerge and bite the Sims. Sims bitten from spiders have a chance of being poisoned.
  • Bats may bite and drink the plasma of Sims.
  • Bees may come out in swarms and sting Sims. There is a chance of poison from a bee sting.
  • Fireflies can indirectly kill Sims by burning them.
  • Thunderflies shock Sims and leave them vulnerable to electrocution.
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