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Large Crystal Ball Cut Soulpeace with Ruby and Emerald.

The Sims 3 World Adventures includes a new item transfiguration mechanic (spelled transfigurification in-game), in which gems, metals and other items placed on display cases can be combined to form new items.

Carter's Display Case is needed for the interaction; the small version holds 10 items, while the large one holds 8. When the display case is full, click "Activate" and then "Irreversible Transfigurification" (§500). The display surface is lowered and the case starts shaking and rocking, then the display is raised again with a new item.

This is a list of what can be created.

Gems Edit


Spire Cut Pink Diamond.

Any gem can be produced in any cut in a large version using transfiguration. For example, you can get spire cut pink diamonds, polished split cut quartz, and any other cuts which are not normally accessible through the gem-cutter. When transfigurating, different sizes of the same type of cut do not count as different types of cuts.

Soulpeace Gems

Case filled with 5+ types of gems and 2-4 types of cuts.

Skull Cut Gems

Case filled with 5+ types of cuts. Resulting skull gem can be of any type of gem that was on the case.

Large Gems

Case filled with cut gems. Resulting large gem will be of any cut type and any gem type that was on the case.

Any Cut / Any Gem

Case filled with gems that do not fulfill the condition above.
All the same cut 2-4 different cuts 5-8 different cuts
1-4 different gem types Large gem of that cut and a random gem type chosen from the input gems Large gem with cut and gem type chosen randomly from input gems Skull cut gem with gem type chosen randomly from input gems
5-8 different gem types Large gem of that cut and a random gem type chosen from the input gems Uncut Soulpeace Gem Skull cut gem with gem type chosen randomly from input gems

Metals Edit


Large Supernovium Ingot with Plutonium and Compendium ingots.

Large Ingots

Case filled with all the same type ingots (produces large gold colored ingot when Mercury is used)


Case filled with 2-4 types of ingots


Case filled with 5+ types of ingots

Stacked Ingots

Case filled with stacked ingots. After they are transfigured, it will spawn a large stack of large iron ingots with possibly a Supernovium ingot at the bottom and a Mummitomium ingot at the top or a large ingot of whichever metal used on the bottom.

Mummy Teddy Bears

Case filled with at least a bar of Mummitomium, transfigured between 1am - 5am

Space Rocks Edit

If the case is full of space rocks, it will spawn a new large meteor of a random type.

Spirits Edit

If the case is full of spirits of the same type, it will spawn an urn. The traits of the urn's ghost vary according to the spirits type.

Spirit Type Possible Traits
Kind/Friendly Family Oriented, Good, Good Sense of Humor, Friendly, Charismatic, Virtuoso, Loves the Outdoors
Frightened Insane, Coward, Loner, Unlucky, Neurotic, Light Sleeper, Hydrophobic, Technophobe
Lost Loner, Neurotic, Absent-Minded, Artistic, Unflirty, Unlucky, No Sense of Humor, Light Sleeper
Jealous Loner, Hopeless Romantic, Over Emotional, Family Oriented, Clumsy, Childish, Insane
Wrathful/Evil Mean Spirited, Evil, Grumpy, Hot-Headed, Hates the Outdoors, Can't Stand Art, Kleptomaniac

Misc Edit

Value Result
0-199 Random Seed
200-499 350-700 Simoleons
500-999 22-40 Ancient Coins
1,000-3,499 Magic Gnome
3,500-4,999 Spire Cut Tiberium
5,000-11,999 Pushable Statue, Dive Well, Plain Sarcophagus, Egyptian Sarcophagus, or Sarcophagus of the Kings Fragment
12,000-24,999 Sarcophagus of the Kings Fragment
25,000-49,000 22,000-27,000 Simoleon Nectar
50,000-99,999 45,000-55,000 Simoleon Nectar
100,000+ 75,000-110,000 Simoleon Nectar


  • When the transfiguration yields an uncut soulpeace gem, it will not have the soulpeace graphics, but rather that of a blue gem not unlike Blue Topaz or Lapis Lazuli. However, it will have the soulpeace icon when placed in the inventory. When you cut a spawned Soulpeace gem it will be a large version of whichever cut you select.
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