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Trait conflict describes a situation where a character (e.g. a Sim, pet, Plumbot) cannot have a particular trait, because they already have another trait that conflicts with it. Traits that conflict are often considered "opposites" of each other, such as the Evil trait conflicting with the Good trait.

Trait conflict can also be used to describe a situation where two characters have traits that oppose one another. If one character exhibits actions or behaviors based on a conflicted trait, a character with an opposing trait may react negatively to it, harming the relationship between the two characters.

The Sims 3Edit

If an incompatible trait is learned, relationship will be decreased slightly. Using a social whose trait prevents the social from working, for example a joke about work on a Workaholic or "Talk about Computers" on a Technophobe, will learn the trait and may decrease the relationship if that trait has a conflict. Observant Lifetime Reward can cause conflicting traits to be learned when the Sim starts to socialize with that Sim. Vampires' ability to read minds may cause them to learn conflicting traits faster.

If a Sim has more than one trait that results in a conflict and they share traits as well, both positive and negative interactions will occur.

List of trait conflicts in The Sims 3Edit

Traits with no conflictsEdit

Traits with 1 conflictEdit

Traits with 2 conflictsEdit

Traits with 3 conflictsEdit

Traits with 4 conflictsEdit

  • Can't Stand Art (Artistic, Easily Impressed, Savvy Sculptor, Avant Garde)
  • Coward (Brave, Daredevil, Natural Born Performer, Supernatural Fan)

The Sims MedievalEdit

Relationship is no longer decreased when an incompatible trait is learned. On the other hand, learning the shared trait will no longer increase relationship either. Social effectiveness from traits are same as The Sims 3.

The Sims 4Edit

Trait conflicts in TS4 from some videos

Examples of traits that conflict with Cheerful, Childish, and Hates Children

Trait conflict returns in The Sims 4.

List of trait conflicts in The Sims 4Edit

Traits with no conflictEdit

Traits with 1 conflictEdit

Traits with 2 conflictsEdit

Traits with 3 conflictsEdit

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