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The Sims 3: Into the Future

For other uses of "trait", see Trait.
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Trait chips are a feature of The Sims 3: Into the Future. Trait chips are a trait system that is only used by Plumbots, and which replaces the trait system used by Sims. There are 21 trait chips available in the game.

Each trait chip is placed into one of four hidden categories: ability, skill, service, and social. Different trait chips have different effects on Plumbots. Plumbots may have 3 to 7 slots depending on their quality level, and can be upgraded to have more trait chip slots. Slots can be left empty, and trait chips can be removed and replaced at any time, though there is a chance that removing a trait chip will damage it.

Sims are able to buy trait chips from the bot emporium in Oasis Landing. Designing a trait chip increases the Bot Building skill. Sims can also buy the Trait Chip Bundle for 10,000 lifetime happiness points.

Sims can also design and create trait chips with Reventlov's Bot Workshop. Designing a trait chip increases the Bot Building skill. Creating a trait chips requires a certain level of Bot Building skill as well as the components needed to create it. The needed components may include any nanite, specific nanites, blank processors, and crystal flowers.

List of trait chips[]

Icon Name Level Type Effect Components
Trait Chip Competent Cleaner.png Competent Cleaner 1 Service Plumbot can clean on its own. Any Nanite
Trait Chip HandiBot.png HandiBot 2 Skill Plumbot can repair broken items on its own; maximize Handiness skill Any Nanite, Small Processor
Trait Chip A.I. Angler.png A.I. Angler 2 Skill Plumbot can fish; maximize Fishing skill Any Nanite, 2 Small Processors
Trait Chip Fear of Humans.png Fear of Humans 3 Social Give Plumbot a fear of normal Sims Any Nanite, Small Processor
Trait Chip Steel Chef.png Steel Chef 3 Skill Plumbot can cook; maximize Cooking skill Lite Nanite, 3 Small Processors
Trait Chip RoboNanny.png RoboNanny 4 Service Plumbot can take care of babies, toddlers, and children Scalar Nanite, Small Processor
Trait Chip Friendly Functions.png Friendly Functions 4 Social Unlocks Social. Enables friendly social interactions. Plumbot will socialize on its own. 3 Small Processors, Kindness Charged Crystal
Trait Chip Sense of Humor.png Sense of Humor 5 Social Unlocks Social. Enables joking interactions. 3 Small Processors, Laughter Charged Crystal
Trait Chip Sinister Circuits.png Sinister Circuits 5 Social Unlocks Social. Enables mean interactions. Enables Sadness Beam if Mood Adjuster chip is installed. 3 Small Processors, Rage Charged Crystal
Trait Chip Office Drone.png Office Drone 6 Service Plumbot can get a job Lepton Nanite, Quantum Nanite, 2 Small Processors
Trait Chip Musical Machine.png Musical Machine 6 Skill Plumbot can make music; maximize all instrument skills Caustic Nanite, Heisenberg Nanite, 2 Small Processors
Trait Chip Mood Adjuster.png Mood Adjuster 6 Ability Unlocks Social. Plumbot can give Sims a Body Massage or Shoulder Massage, and can use their Mood Beam on a Sim. Neutron Nanite, any Crystal, 4 Small Processors
Trait Chip RoBotany Gardener.png RoBotany Gardener 7 Skill Plumbot can and will garden; maximize Gardening skill Any 3 Nanites, any Crystal, Medium Processor
Trait Chip Capacity to Love.png Capacity to Love 7 Social Unlocks Social. Gives Plumbot the ability to love. Enables romantic interactions with other Plumbots or Sims. 2 Medium Processors, 5 Love Charged Crystals
Trait Chip Solar Powered.png Solar Powered 7 Ability Plumbot can recharge in sunlight (between 7am and 7pm) Condensor Nanite, Medium Processor
Trait Chip Simulated Emotions.png Simulated Emotions 8 Social Unlocks Social and Mood. Gives Plumbot Happy, Sad, and Angry emotional modes. 3 Laughter Charged Crystals, 3 Kindness Charged Crystals, 3 Rage Charged Crystals
Trait Chip Algorithmic Artist.png Algorithmic Artist 8 Skill Plumbot can paint; maximize Painting skill Torque Nanite, Polar Nanite, 2 Medium Processors
Trait Chip Limitless Learning.png Limitless Learning 8 Skill Plumbot can learn skills. Unlocks Skill Statistics and Challenges. Tunnelling Nanite, 3 Medium Processors
Trait Chip Holo Projector.png Holo Projector 9 Ability Plumbot can project holograms of Sims in other time frames Induction Nanite, 2 Medium Processors, Large Processor
Trait Chip Efficient.png Efficient 9 Service Plumbot uses power more efficiently, performs tasks more efficiently Thermo Nanite, 2 Medium Processors, Large Processor
Trait Chip Sentience.png Sentience 10 Social (Special) Make Plumbot more human-like. Unlocks Social, Fun, and Mood. Allows Plumbot to have a Lifetime Wish and to receive opportunities. Uber Nanite, any 5 Crystals, Large Processor


  • Name of the Mood Adjuster trait chip was Many Moods during the development.[1]

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