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For trait systems in other games, see Trait.

Traits are a feature from The Sims 3 that are also in The Sims Medieval. In The Sims Medieval, a player can select two traits and one Fatal Flaw for each hero Sim. During certain quests a Hero Sim will have the opportunity of replacing their Fatal Flaw with a Legendary Trait.

The Sims Medieval traits[]

List of Traits Traits Fatal Flaws Legendary Traits
TSM Icon

The Sims Medieval

Adventurous Adventurous
Chivalrous Chivalrous
CreativeCook Creative Cook
Dedicated Dedicated
Earthy Earthy
Eloquent Eloquent
Evil Evil
Excitable Excitable
Friendly Friendly
Funloving Fun-Loving
Good Good
Greedy Greedy
Haggler Haggler
HopefulOrphan Hopeful Orphan
Jokester Jokester
LovesFamilyLoves Family
Unkempt Unkempt
Vain smallVain
WhaleAteMyParents Whale Ate My Parents

Bloodthirsty Bloodthirsty
CompulsiveGambler Compulsive Gambler
Cowardly Cowardly
Cruel Cruel
Drunkard Drunkard
Fool Fool
Glutton Glutton
Hubris Hubris
Insecure Insecure
Insomniac Insomniac
Licentious Licentious
Misanthrope Misanthrope
Morose Morose
Puny Puny
Weak Constitution Weak Constitution

Famous Famous
Leg-GuildConnections Guild Connections
Herculean Herculean
Industrious Industrious
Natural Leader Natural Leader
Patient Patient
Seductive Seductive
Satiated Satiated
Strong Constitution Strong Constitution
Wise Wise


Pirates and Nobles

Call of the sea Call of the Sea
Entitled Entitled

Guild Enemy Guild Enemy

Trait TSM Dread Pirate Dread Pirate

52 total 23 traits 18 traits 11 traits

Legendary Trait[]

Legendary Traits are given to Sims when they have reached a certain level and replace the Sim's Fatal Flaw. Additionally, they can be achieved by completing certain Quests. They have more benefits than regular traits.

Quests that Give Legendary Traits[]

  • Fountain of Legend (Everyone, Except Monarch)
  • Fishermans Challenge (Anyone with the Whale Ate My Parents trait, catch a whale)
  • War Games/Chivalrous Challenge (Lvl +5 Knight, Defeat the Black Knight)
  • Seven Mechanical arts (Blacksmith, Forge the Badge of the Seven Mechanical Arts)
  • Invasion!
  • Dragon of [Kingdom's name]
  • The Philosopher's stone (Lvl +5 Wizard, Blacksmith)

List of Legendary Traits[]

Fatal Flaw[]

Fatal Flaws are the negative traits Sims possess in The Sims Medieval. Sims cannot be perfect as every one of them must have one Fatal Flaw. Fatal Flaws, however, can be replaced with a Legendary Trait by doing some special quests, such as "Fountain of Legend."

Flaw Types[]

Fatal Flaws come in different types. These are social, motive, behavior, and physical Flaws. Some are worse than others. Bloodthirsty is worse than Drunkard, for example. There are more comparisons that could be made, but here's the list of Flaws:

Social Flaws
Motive Flaws
Behavior Flaws
Physical Flaws

How to manage flaws[]

Some Fatal Flaws, such as Drunkard, can simply be managed by taking a drink, for example. Some others, such as Uncouth, have direct impact to the hero Sims. It might be difficult to socialize with other Sims. Some fatal flaws are disadvantageous for certain heroes. For instance, Puny knight, spy, or monarch will decrease their chance of winning duels.

There is at least one instance in which it is possible to effectively "cheat" the Fatal Flaw system: the Insomniac Fatal Flaw need never have any negative effect if given to the Wizard character. Since the wizard gains energy by meditating rather than by sleeping, and during meditation they are not subject to the "Sleepless" buff that will disrupt a sufferer's sleep for at least a couple of hours every night, the negative effects of the flaw on the character can potentially be staved off indefinitely. Note that the wizard can sleep in a bed like other characters for the well rested buff, in which case an insomniac wizard would risk the sleepless buff like any other hero with that flaw, but there's no actual need for them to do so, and indeed the Wizard's Tower doesn't even have a bed in it when you first play.

Player notes[]

  • Fatal Flaws that can't be "satisfied" and give random and constant negative buffs are by far the worst ones to handle, such as Hubris and Morose. For example, Hubris sometimes can give a -40 buff for 3 hours, which can make quest performance drop drastically.
  • The ones that mess with motives, as Insomniac, Glutton and Weak Constitution, are also quite difficult to handle. The one major exception to this is if your wizard is an insomniac, as they have the ability to meditate to bring up their energy level.
  • Fool seems the most harmless Fatal Flaw. It randomly drops the action queue for the Hero Sim, and that can be noticed easily.
  • Of the Flaws that have to be "satisfied", Drunkard is the easiest manage, and has a silver lining. While the players want to avoid the debuff, doing so gives the Sim a buff. The players can avoid the negative entirely by keeping the Sim "Buzzed" (+10, 1 drink) or "Tipsy" (+20, ~2 drinks). Unless the Sim is consistently a Happy Drunk, try not to push them past Tipsy to enjoy the greatest benefit. This is easiest with a keg/cask in a private room, so guests don't drink all the booze. Bards drink at the tavern for free.
  • Choosing the Insomniac trait for the Wizard allows the player to essentially bypass the Fatal Flaw feature for that character, since Wizards do not have to sleep, and so can avoid the negative "unable to sleep" buff.
  • Unselected Fatal Flaws are shown to conflict with the selected Fatal Flaw in the tooltip when one is already selected for a Sim. This is presumably how the game prevents players from selecting multiple Fatal Flaws on a technical level, by simply making each one conflict with all other Fatal Flaws.