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[[File:Trait immunetofire.png|left]]''Fire Fighters are able to survive countless fires; not least because of their natural immunity to fire. It's a trait that they pass on to their children.''{{clrl}}
[[File:Trait immunetofire.png|left]]''Fire Fighters are able to survive countless fires; not least because of their natural immunity to fire. It's a trait that they pass on to their children.''{{clrl}}
In [[The Sims 3: Ambitions|Ambitions]], children of Sims who reached the top of the [[Firefighter]] career will occasionally have this trait. {{Confirm}}
In [[The Sims 3: Ambitions|Ambitions]], Sims and children of Sims who reached the top of the [[Firefighter]] career will occasionally have this trait. {{Confirm}}
===Makes No Messes===
===Makes No Messes===

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Trait (The Sims 3)
A Sim demonstrates the "Absent-Minded" Trait via posturing in the Create a Sim mode when the Trait is selected.

Traits are the building blocks of personality assigned to Sims in The Sims 3, replacing the previous system of personality points. Traits effectively determine a Sim's behaviors, abilities, and their wishes, including their array of Lifetime Wishes. There are 63 traits in the base game. Three were added with The Sims 3: World Adventures and there are six added with The Sims 3: Ambitions for a total of 72 traits and 11 hidden traits.

Each trait is separated into one of four categories based on mental, physical, social, or lifestyle aspects of Sims' lives. For example, social traits may include Dislikes Children or Friendly, while lifestyle traits would consist of Technophobe or Daredevil. Traits are used to allow Sims a greater complexity in their daily routines over the points system. The more traits a Sim has, the more complex they will be, as a Sim with more personality traits will exhibit a wider range of behaviors than a Sim with only one.

Sims can attain traits in multiple ways. Ordinarily the player will assign a maximum of five traits to a young adult or older Sim in the Create a Sim screen under the "Personality" section. Traits can also be inherited via genetics from either parents, with babies and toddlers having two Traits. If the toddler grows up well, the player will be able to choose a third Trait for when the Sim becomes a Child, and likewise a fourth when the Sim becomes a Teen (and so on). Furthermore, the Lifetime Reward "Midlife Crisis" allows the player to re-choose a Sim's traits.

There are limitations on the traits a Sim can have. Foremost, two traits may not contradict each other, such as the Good and Evil traits, or the Can't Stand Art and Artistic traits. Such traits are inherently built around opposing behaviors, and intrinsically preclude the occurrence of the other. In addition, Sims may be unable to obtain traits based on their age, one example being that babies are unable to have the Charismatic trait.

Traits also grant Sims different abilities, or specific actions which only Sims of those traits can do. Insane Sims are able to use the command "Talk to Self" to boost their own social motive, while Vegetarian Sims are able to cook vegetarian alternatives to meals containing meat. Some traits can grant Sims special moodlets, with Loner Sims enjoying their solitude or Hydrophobic Sims fearing swimming in the pool. Other traits allow Sims a greater affinity for certain tasks, such as Angler Sims being better adept at fishing while Genius Sims tend to learn more quickly. In this respect, the customization that players give to Sims via the trait system can make the game more or less challenging while offering a greater deal of specific variety which the more simplified point system found in the game's predecessors lacked.

Features comparable to traits in previous games in the series are Zodiac signs and interests.

See also: List of Traits
List of Traits Mental Physical Social Lifestyle Hidden
File:TS3-base-game-icon.jpg The Sims 3 Trait Absent-MindedAbsent-Minded
Trait ArtisticArtistic
Trait BookwormBookworm
Trait Can't Stand ArtCan't Stand Art
Trait Computer WhizComputer Whiz
Trait ExcitableExcitable
Trait GeniusGenius
Trait Green ThumbGreen Thumb
Trait HandyHandy
Trait InsaneInsane
Trait Natural CookNatural Cook
Trait NeuroticNeurotic
Trait VirtuosoVirtuoso
Trait AthleticAthletic (trait)
Trait BraveBrave
Trait ClumsyClumsy
Trait Couch PotatoCouch Potato
Trait CowardCoward
Trait Heavy SleeperHeavy Sleeper
Trait HydrophobicHydrophobic
Trait Light SleeperLight Sleeper
Trait LuckyLucky
Trait NeatNeat
Trait Never NudeNever Nude
Trait SlobSlob
Trait UnluckyUnlucky
Trait CharismaticCharismatic
Trait Commitment IssuesCommitment Issues
24pxDislikes Children
Trait Easily ImpressedEasily Impressed
Trait FlirtyFlirty
Trait FriendlyFriendly
Trait Good Sense of HumorGood Sense of Humor
Trait Great KisserGreat Kisser
Trait GrumpyGrumpy
Trait Hopeless RomanticHopeless Romantic
Trait InappropriateInappropriate
Trait LonerLoner
Trait LoserLoser
Trait Mean SpiritedMean Spirited
Trait MoochMooch
Trait No Sense of HumorNo Sense of Humor
Trait Party AnimalParty Animal
Trait SchmoozerSchmoozer
Trait SnobSnob
Trait UnflirtyUnflirty
Trait AmbitiousAmbitious
Trait AnglerAngler
Trait ChildishChildish
Trait DaredevilDaredevil
Trait EvilEvil
Trait Family-OrientedFamily-Oriented
Trait FrugalFrugal
Trait GoodGood
Trait Hates the OutdoorsHates the Outdoors
Trait Hot-HeadedHot-Headed
Trait KleptomaniacKleptomaniac
Trait Loves the OutdoorsLoves the Outdoors
Trait Over-EmotionalOver-Emotional
Trait PerfectionistPerfectionist
Trait TechnophobeTechnophobe
Trait VegetarianVegetarian
Trait WorkaholicWorkaholic
Trait BurglarBurglar
Trait Can Apprehend BurglarCan Apprehend Burglar
Trait Can SaluteCan Salute
Trait Immune to FireImmune to Fire
Trait Makes No MessesMakes No Messes
Trait Pizza AppreciatorPizza Appreciator
Trait PyromaniacPyromaniac
Trait RockerRocker
13 traits 13 traits 20 traits 17 traits 8 traits
File:TS3-EP1-World-Adventures-icon.jpg World Adventures Trait Photographer's EyePhotographer's Eye DisciplinedDisciplined Trait AdventurousAdventurous Asian Culture
Egyptian Culture
French Culture
1 trait 1 trait 1 trait 3 traits
30px Ambitions Trait EccentricEccentric
Trait PerceptivePerceptive
Trait Savvy SculptorSavvy Sculptor
Trait Born SalespersonBorn Salesman / Saleswoman
Trait DramaticDramatic
Trait Eco-FriendlyEco-Friendly
3 traits 2 traits 1 trait
Total Traits 17 traits 14 traits 22 traits 19 traits +11 hidden traits
72 traits

Hidden Traits

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Hidden traits cannot be seen in-game except when a Sim performs the related action. Unless mods are used, they can only be acquired through genetics. These traits become available when a Sim has a baby with certain NPCs or a Sim in a specific career. The child will then get the appropriate hidden trait.


Trait Burglar
Burglars must perfect their sneaking skills to properly liberate imprisoned items from the homes of neighbors. Burglars like to keep the skill in the family, so their children are able to sneak out like a pro at birth.

Can Apprehend Burglar

Trait Can Apprehend Burglar
Police officers spend years learning how to best the most clever burglars. Luckily for their children, genetics helps them stop burglars without years of tedious training.

Can Salute

Trait Can Salute
Children of high-ranking military officials know enough about the military's rules and regulations to snap off a smart salute when they want.
  • From Sims in the Military career.
  • Can "Salute" other Sims.

Immune to Fire

Trait Immune to Fire
Fire Fighters are able to survive countless fires; not least because of their natural immunity to fire. It's a trait that they pass on to their children.

In Ambitions, Sims and children of Sims who reached the top of the Firefighter career will occasionally have this trait. [confirmation needed]

Makes No Messes

Trait Makes No Messes
The descendants of maids have cleanliness imprinted on their genetic code so they never leave anything dirty.
  • From maids.
  • Never leaves messes, similar to an attribute of the Neat trait.

Pizza Appreciator

Trait Pizza Appreciator
Pizza delivery folks develop a love of pizza that's deeper than the thickest crust. Their children share a similar fanaticism for pizza, which makes every bite of hot pizza amazing.
  • Eating pizza grants them the Amazing Meal moodlet.
  • From pizza deliverer.


Trait Pyromaniac
You can only get this trait in a Sim who is the offspring of a firefighter Sim. The trait allows them to set fire to objects of their choice, and they get positive moodlets for doing so!


Trait Rocker
Sims with this trait will get a natural feeling of rockstardom.

Asian Culture


  • From Sims in Shang Simla.
  • Chinese-themed idle animations.
  • Uses chopsticks when eating.
  • Never get fatigued while practicing Martial Arts. [confirmation needed]

Egyptian Culture


  • From Sims in Al Simhara.
  • Sing Middle Eastern songs autonomously.

French Culture


  • From Sims in Champs Les Sims.
  • Sing French songs autonomously.
  • Greets other Sims with a dual-cheek kiss.

Removed Traits

Below are the traits that were removed before the game was released, possibly because they would have caused a higher ESRB rating, or were too similar to certain traits.


Trait Boring Merged with No Sense of Humor.


Trait Conversationalist Merged with Charismatic.


Trait Crybaby Merged with Over-Emotional.


Trait Dreamer Scrapped for Ambitious.

Easily Bored

Trait Easily Bored Merged with Childish.


Trait GloomyMerged with Grumpy.

Good at Massages

Trait Good at Massages Merged with Flirty.


Trait Greedy Scrapped for Frugal.


Trait Materialistic Merged with Snob.


Trait nude Scrapped due to game ratings.

Quick Recovery

Trait Quick RecoveryMerged with Athletic.


Trait Rude Merged with Inappropriate.


Trait Shy (removed) Merged with Loner.


Trait Stubborn Merged with Hot-Headed.

Sweet Talker

Trait Sweet Talker Merged with Flirty.


Trait VainMerged with Snob.


Trait WantonScrapped due to game ratings.


Trait Worrywart Merged with Neurotic.

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