The Sims 2: Bon Voyage

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Booking a tour with a Tour Guide

A tour is a special activity Sims can go on while on vacation in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage. Each vacation destination has three unique local tours. Tours can be booked by talking to a tour guide. Guides will hang around the phone booth during the day on a community lot or hotel, but will not appear on vacation home lots. A Sim can ask a tour guide to book a tour and include which vacation party member will join the tour. After booking a tour, a vacation van, tour bus, or helicopter will arrive shortly to pick up the Sims. Each tour costs §100, §200, or §300 per participant. Only Sims who are part of the household, vacation party, or outing may go on a tour.[n 1]

Going on a tour is similar to going to work in that Sims will leave the lot and do their thing, out of sight from the player. However, unlike going to work, a chance card is guaranteed to appear every time Sims go on a tour; players can choose one of the two options, or simply ignore the card. The outcome of tour chance cards are randomly calculated; a positive outcome might give Sims some money, skills, or a boost to their needs, while a negative outcome might make Sims lose skills, money, or drop their needs drastically. All members of the tour will acquire the same benefit or penalty simultaneously, meaning that it is possible for a negative chance card outcome to ruin the day for everyone.

A Tour Guide lingering around the phone booth.

Other than the general chance card outcomes, tours may offer other rewards or penalties. Sims might discover a map to a secret lot, which will place a copy of the map in everyone's inventory. Sims may acquire motion sickness, which will cause them to vomit after the tour. A horde of bees may follow Sims home after the tour, and will chase them around after getting out of the van or helicopter.[n 2] Sims may also encounter poison ivy, which will cause them to frequently scratch themselves and drop interactions out of the queue.

Sims may have a want to go on a tour while on vacation, and Sims will receive a memory for every tour they go on.

List of tours[edit | edit source]

Type Tour Cost/Sim Good Outcomes Bad Outcomes
Beach vacation.png Glass Bottom Boat §100 +Logic -Fun, -Comfort
+§350 Motion Sickness
Poison Ivy
Beach vacation.png Helicopter Tour §200 +Mechanical Motion Sickness
+Logic -Logic
+Cleaning Bees
Beach vacation.png Parasailing §300 +Body -§50
+§400 -§1,000, -Fun, -Comfort
+§500 -Hygiene
-Fun, -Comfort
-Energy, -Fun, -Comfort
Mountain vacation.png Logging Expedition §100 +Body -Fun, -Comfort
+Logic -Logic
+Charisma Poison Ivy
Mountain vacation.png Bird Watching §200 +Logic Bees
+Charisma -Charisma
+§500 -Logic
Mountain vacation.png Nature Trail §300 +Body Poison Ivy
+Logic Bees
+§300 -Hunger
+§500 -Charisma
FarEast vacation.png Historic Walking Tour §100 +Charisma -Hunger, -Energy, -Bladder
+Fun, +Energy Poison Ivy
+§500 Bees
+Cooking -§300
+Body -Fun, -Comfort, -Hygiene
FarEast vacation.png River Boat §200 +§500 -§300
+Fun, +Energy -Fun
+Mechanical Poison Ivy
+Charisma Motion Sickness
+Body Bees
-Fun, -Comfort, -Hygiene
FarEast vacation.png Bamboo Forest §300 +Fun -Fun
+Body Bees
+Logic -§300

A vacation destination's tours is determined by which vacation template it uses. This means that, for example, a custom Far East vacation destination will have the same tours as Takemizu Village.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Sims can invite the members of an outing to go on a vacation without incurring any additional transportation costs, but they will leave the vacation after the outing is over.
  2. Players can cancel the "Being Chased by Bees" interaction before Sims get out of the tour van/helicopter, which will prevent the horde of bees from appearing.
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