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World · Featured in: The Sims 4: For Rent
Tomarang Map
Name Tomarang
Game TS4 EP15 For Rent Icon The Sims 4: For Rent
Housed residents 12
Tomarang World Icon

Tomarang is a world included in The Sims 4: For Rent expansion pack. It is a luscious world containing dense housing and multiple businesses, paired with local cultures and traditions.


Grown from the humble roots off the coast of Shih Sea, Tomarang is lively with local fare, community chaos, and legends of lore. Known for its tight-knit communities and sun-filled shared spaces, Tomarang is a lush landscape of possibilities. Come cozy up with nature or fish around for neighborly niceties and whim-simsical secrets. Whether you're flying solo or raising generations, the region offers a warm welcome to any multi-living lifestyle! Sul Sul De-Kah!


Night Market

Tomarang Night Market

Visit the famous Tomarang Night Market for some after-dark shopping and mouth-watering cuisine!

Local Living

Tomarang Local Living

Embrace community and take a minute to get to know the local neighbors. Poke for local gossip, join in a game of marbles, and enjoy the warmth of this tight knit locale.

Rich History

Tomarang Rich History

Dive into the lore of the land and discover hidden secrets, historical battles, and legendary tails.


Tomarang has two Neighborhoods. If Eco Lifestyle is installed, all Lots and Neighborhoods will start with a Green Eco footprint.

Morensong Morensong
Koh Sahpa Koh Sahpa


There are 9 lots in total in Tomarang; 5 residential lots, 2 residential rental lots, and 2 community lots.

Residential Lots[]



Empty Lots[]

Residential Rentals[]

Community Lots[]


New families[]


Cahyaputri family
Vanesha Cahyaputri, Zhafira Cahyaputri
Since the unfortunate microwavable water incident that resulted in the loss of their parents Cahya and Wulan, Vanesha has had to take on major responsibilities. As both "Big Sister" and "Guardian", it can be hard juggling a teenager and tenant shenanigans all under one roof!
Linh-Sadya family
Chánh Linh, Arturo Linh, Liên Sadya, Alon Sadya, Cam Sadya
When it comes to the Linh-Sadya household, it certainly takes a village. Caring for both a child and elderly parents, Liên and Alon have their hands full. Luckily, with multiple streams of income, making rent is a breeze. A bustling house, on the other hand, is cause for some chaos. Luckily, it only takes a step outside to regain some peace.
Linh household
Thi Linh
A household of one may seem lonely, but not with Thi's entire family living above her! Wearing the badge of "Weird Aunt" with pride, Thi's quirky existence extends beyond her interior decorating. However, not everything can be included in her open book. Sometimes solitary has its confidential perks...beyond concealing her clown painting that is.
Bun Ma family
Bua Bun Ma, Kasem Bun Ma, Nin Bun Ma, Sud Bun Ma
From traditional roots, the Bun Ma family relies on strong familial bonds to get them through life's ups and downs. Bua insisted her son's family move in with her so that she could help raise her grandson, Sud. He can be a bit clingy at times, but Bua cherishes being able to pass down her generations of wisdom while Kasem and Nin work hard and enjoy newlywed life.



Tomarang Truth Icon All Tomarani local townies have the interaction under Friendly/Gossip called Tomarang Truth, which will reveal town lore.
  • I once watched a nail biting round of marbles at the playground in Morensong. Poor kid played for keeps and lost all his marbles! I always wonder what happened to him. Losing your marbles is never a good thing.
  • I'm quite fond of the Screaming Gecko. It's a lovely place to make new friends and share delicious food. And the hot tub! Talk about making some steamy encounters over late night drinks, amiright? You should check it out! It's like our not-so-secret-secret spot for Tomarang hangs.
  • Do you ever hear screams in the dead of night? A high shrill sound, piercing the silence, jolting you awake?! The eerie air thick with fear and humidity, as the breathy shriek pauses before announcing itself once more. You look around. You check your doors and windows. Nothing. A bead of sweat rolls down your back. Again it haunts you! Is it aliens descending from above? A being lurking in the shadows? A neighbor in need of help? No. It stings your ears once more. It's down right chilling. You pass by an open window - wasn't this shut before? Maybe, maybe not. You carefully approach, heart pounding, ears ringing. As you look at the windowsill, hesitantly waiting for a ghoul to appear, you see...a gecko.
  • Of all the places in Tomarang, Beard Beard Cove is my favorite! I've heard rumors that pirates once camped out there after a storm left them waterlogged. I've yet to find proof, but keep your eyes peeled. I know there's something out there.
  • Don't you know? Tomarang is known for its relationship with Tigers. Our history dates back to our early ancestors, when sims would live side by side with these majestic creatures. It's our responsibility to preserve their existence you know, just like it was back then. I always frown upon those who try to sneak in at night. Imagine waking a tiger from their beauty sleep! A good way to get eaten if you ask me.
  • If you know the tale of Khun Mae, you'll know why tassels are so special to this area. I always feel such a deep connection when I happen upon one, it's like her spirit is gifting it to me directly. Be sure to look around or simply relax on the beach, you never know when Khun Mae may leave you something special.
  • During a perilous time, Khun Mae, before she became the Great Mother of Tomarang, accepted a quest to save the village. An elder set her on a path to seek the great Watcher, a mystical being rumored to dwell in a land not far from here.
  • Legend says Khun Mae was temporarily enchanted by the Watcher to transform into a Tiger. She was gifted with ferocious strength and fearsome agility. Could you imagine becoming a tiger? You'd never encounter it today, but it's still pretty wild to think about.
  • Long ago when Beasts descended upon Tomarang, even after being transformed into a tiger, Khun Mae was not strong enough to face them herself. The Beasts destroyed a third of the land before she even returned with help. With the amount of damage, they never rebuilt and simply allowed nature to return and heal the grounds. I for one enjoy the extra foliage, it's peaceful to be surrounded by so much nature.


With Seasons installed, Tomarang's seasonal weather pattern follows the tropical climate weather forecast similar to other tropical worlds such as Selvadorada and Sulani. Therefore, precipitation is commonly encountered all year around and it never snows during the winter.

Spring experiences mostly light rains and frequent cloudy days ranged from warm to hot temperatures, heat waves can be also experienced later in the season. Summers are generally hot during sunny and cloudy days, accompanied with warm heavy rains and occasional heat waves. Fall involves cool to warm temperatures with mostly rain and thunderstorms; and much like in Sulani, monsoons can be also experienced in Tomarang, although they can occur rarely. Winters are generally cold to cool temperatures, consisting of frequent windy and cloudy days.


  • Tomarang is highly inspired by Southeast Asian countries, notably Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.
  • Just like in Mt. Komorebi and Britechester, cars drive on the left side in Tomarang.
  • Much like San Sequoia, Tomarang's name might be referencing a type of tropical fruit tree, marang. The name "Tomarang" itself seems to be a parody of a city of "Semarang" in Indonesia.
  • Tomarang is the first world since Batuu to not feature any Creator Network builds. This is likely because the development team were making adjustments to the pack's exclusive apartment unit Build Mode feature for the release and thus had no room in the development schedule to allow any Simmers to contribute builds for the world.