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Time Anomaly is a form of death introduced in The Sims 3: Into the Future.

Time Paradox Sickness[]

A terrified Sim that has blinked in and out of existence.

There is a chance that after extensive use of the Wellsian Time Portal, a Sim will acquire a moodlet named 'Time Paradox Sickness'. This moodlet is the first stage of Death by Time Anomaly. It lasts 4 hours.

If the Sim with the moodlet doesn't admit themselves to the hospital with Time Paradox Sickness, it will be followed by another moodlet, 'Blinking In and Out of Existence', which lasts one day. When that expires, it is followed by the last moodlet of the Time Paradox Sickness, 'Do I Even Exist?' This moodlet is -30. It is the last stage of the Time Anomaly, and the expiration of the timer will result in death.

A Sim performing the 'Do I even Exist?' action.


If the affected Sim has the 'Blinking In and Out of Existence' moodlet, they will occasionally have an action with the same name in their queue. While performing the action, they will witness an arm or leg vanish and reappear.

On the last stage of the sickness, the Sim may again get an action in their queue, called 'Do I even exist?' along with the corresponding moodlet. During this action, they may completely disappear and reappear.

The gravestone of a Sim that died by Time Anomaly.

If the afflicted Sim does not go to a hospital, they will die by Time Anomaly. The dead Sim's gravestone will depict a Time Anomaly victim, partially faded.

An afflicted Sim can admit themselves to a hospital with Time Paradox Sickness. Alternatively, the Moodlet Manager or testingcheatsenabled can be used to remove the offending moodlets. The Lifetime reward Portal Immunity will prevent Time Paradox Sickness altogether and it can be bought for 5000 Lifetime happiness.


  • This death resembles Marty McFly in the high school dance scene of Back to the Future. During the scene, as his mother gets taken away from his father, he begins blinking in and out of existence similar to a Sim with Time Paradox Sickness, which ends when the paradox is fixed.
  • The Sim will have a holographic gravestone projection regardless of whether they died in the future or not.