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This article is about a neighborhood. The Sims 2: Bon Voyage

Three Lakes
Three Lakes.png
Planning on roasting a marshmallow under the stars? Or are you looking to try your skills at log rolling or axe throwing? Three Lakes provides the perfect vacation destination for those who seek and enjoy the great outdoors. With fresh air and nature all around you it's nearly impossible not to savor every second.
Name Three Lakes
Game The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Icon.png The Sims 2: Bon Voyage
Mountain vacation.png

Three Lakes is a mountain-themed sub-neighborhood that appears in Bon Voyage as a vacation destination. There are multiple lodges and cabins for vacation accommodation, and there is also a free campground in Three Lakes. During winter[TS2:S], sleeping in the campground is not the best accommodation, as sleeping in a tent doesn't protect Sims from low temperatures, and vacation scoring is lowered if a Sim freezes. Three Lakes Plaza contains a restaurant if Nightlife is installed, otherwise the room will be empty. The mountains are just panorama, and cannot be hiked. Locals are sometimes active and sloppy, and have high body skill.

Gesture: Chest Pound

Local Delicacies: Char-broiled Catfish, Flapjacks, Chicken Pot Pie

Dance: Slap

Massage: Deep Tissue

Souvenirs: Bit o' Vug, Lumberjack's Pride

Secret Vacation Lot: Hidden Burrow, occupied by Bigfoot.

Seasonal Progression[TS2:S]: Fall, Fall, Winter, Winter


Residential lots[]


Secret lots[]

Community lots[]


  • Interact with Locals
  • Eat local delicacy
  • Buy souvenirs
  • Buy jewelry
  • Take tours
  • Throw Axes
  • Examine tree rings

Townies and NPCs[]




  • Overhead shot of Three Lakes.

    The name "Three Lakes" might be a pun on the Finnish state motto "Land of a Thousand Lakes" after the 1990s Saturday Night Live sketch "Finland: Much Less" or based on the town Three Lakes WI. The Bon Voyage expansion pack also includes a sauna, which happens to be a Finnish custom all the way from ancient times.
  • A set of Classics can be bought from The Sims 3 Store online, and some Three Lakes items appear in it.
  • If Bon Voyage is not installed, but a later expansion pack is, the terrain for Three Lakes may be available as a terrain template.
  • The Three Lakes refer to national parks on natural borders in southeastern British Columbia and southwestern Alberta (Banff, Kootenay, Yoho, Glacier and Jasper) in Canada, judging by geographic relief, the presence of hot springs, the rich European-alpine architectural style of hotels, wooded vegetation and is called "the home of the Bigfoot" (the North American version of the Yeti).