Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Thomas is secretly in love with Alice. He is trying to summon the courage to tell her how he truly feels, but in the meantime he does everything he can to help her out.
Education and employment
Career Unemployed Unemployed
Family/Families Jones family
Marital status Single
Romances Alice Whitt Crush
Pets Lucy Jones
Zodiac sign Cancer Cancer
Aspiration Family Family
Lifetime want Marry Off 6 Children Marry Off 6 Children
Turn-ons Underwear Underwear
Blonde Hair Blonde Hair
Turn-off Hats Hats
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Green Eyes Green
Skin color Skin-medium Medium
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game TSPS Icon The Sims Pet Stories
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Garden Heights

Thomas Jones is a pre-made playable adult Sim from Garden Heights, one of the neighborhoods shipped with The Sims Pet Stories. He owns a dog named Lucy. He is a friend of Alice Whitt and Amaya Flores. Thomas and Alice have known each other since they were kids and he has had a crush on her ever since, but is too nervous to tell her. Now that she moved back, he is trying to summon the courage to tell her how he truly feels, but in the meantime he does everything he can to help her out. Thomas first appears in the Best in Show story, when Amaya brings him over to greet Alice. He is very nervous to see Alice, but manages to arrange a play date for Lucy and Sam tomorrow. He also learns that Alice signed up for the dog show to win the prize to safe her house and wants to help her win it.

When Thomas arrives the next day, he first helps Alice by fixing her broken sink and then they get to know eachother's dogs. Thomas also gives Alice a Teeter Totter to train Sam.

Next day, Thomas runs into Alice at Vista Strip Mall and they decide to go to Simoleon Diner. After lunch, he gives her a toy for Sam and tells her that he has a few things to do before work and that his boss is very strict, so they both leave.

The next morning, Thomas drops by at Alice's house on his way to work and gives Alice a high jump to train Sam. Thomas says that Alice shouldn't tell anyone where she is getting this stuff from. Later it is revealed that Thomas works for Diana DeBore and after she finds out he is helping Alice, she fires him and he even gets evicted from his home.

Thomas moves in with his mother after the eviction, but then he realizes that he can't leave without helping Alice beat Diana. He saw Reece Mustella "snooping" around Alice's house the night of the dognapping and knew he was up to no good. He tracked Reece down at their hideout, the Abandoned House, showing up at the right moment to help safe Sam.

The next morning, Thomas gives Alice a new piece of training equipment. Before leaving, he says that even though he lost his job, he still has contacts inside to get the training equipment. The day after, he sends her a collapsible chute tunnel as well.

On the dog show day, Thomas shows up with the police at Bartholomew Greens after Alice won the competition. He managed to get Reece to confess and Diana gets arrested for extortion, conspiracy, embezzlement and dognapping. Alice receives the prize money and the deed to her house.

The next day, he is invited over at Alice's house and Lucy and Sam have a litter of puppies. Thomas also develops a relationship with Alice; the future of their relationship is left up to the player.

After the story, Thomas and Lucy become playable from their home in 1330 Vista del Arroyo. Despite the story implying that Thomas went to live with his mother for a short period of time, he has no parents in the neighborhood or in his family tree.

Thomas has the Family aspiration and the Cancer zodiac sign. As far as personality goes, Thomas is very nice. But also somewhat lazy and quite shy. When it comes to his skill points, Thomas has high creativity and mechanical skills, is halfway towards maximizing the body skill, is almost halfway towards maximizing the cleaning skill, and has low cooking, charisma, and logic skills. His main interests are Environment, Money, and Fashion. Strangely, Thomas misses a memory of meeting the Mystery Sim and despite having a memory of meeting Roscoe Flores, Thomas doesn't know him.

Even though none of Thomas' facial features use any of the broken Maxis face templates in Create a Sim, when he grows into an elder, it becomes clear that his facial features are nonetheless broken.

Moodlet no frame attacked by the mummy
Broken face
This Sim uses one of the "broken" Maxis face templates. When he/she grows up to the next life stage, his/her facial structure will be different.


Cancer - Big
Sloppy 05 Neat
Shy 03 Outgoing
Lazy 04 Active
Serious 05 Playful
Grouchy 08 Nice

Image Interest Level
Environment interestEnvironment09
Food interestFood07
Weather interestWeather05
Culture interestCulture03
Money interestMoney09
Politics interestPolitics03
Paranormal interestParanormal07
Health interestHealth03
Fashion interestFashion08
Travel interestTravel00
Crime interestCrime07
Sports interestSports01
Entertainment interestEntertainment03
Animals interestAnimals04
Work interestWork05
School interestSchool04
Toys interestToys04
Sci-Fi interestSci-Fi04

Image Name Relationship level
Lucy Jones Lucy Jones Acquaintance
Amaya Flores Amaya Flores Acquaintance
Jess Stompel Jess Stompel Just Met
MelissaCarter Melissa Carter Just Met
Precious DeBore Precious DeBore Just Met

Image Memory Type
Became Best Friends with -Sim- Made Best Friends with Mystery Sim Positive
Had Very First Kiss with -Sim- Had Very First Kiss with Mystery Sim Positive
Had Very First Kiss with -Sim- Kissed Mystery Sim for the First Time Positive
Moved In Moved In Positive
Obtained Pet Obtained Lucy Jones Positive
Met (Pet) Met Precious DeBore Positive
Met -Sim- Met Jess Stompel Positive
Met -Sim- Met Melissa Carter Positive
Met -Sim- Met Amaya Flores Positive
Met (Pet) Met Roscoe Flores Positive


  • Thomas shares the same surname with many other Jones families throughout the Sims series.
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