The Woo Woo 4000
Game The Sims 3 Ambitions
Buyability Limited
Object type(s) Career reward

The Woo Woo 4000 is a type of vehicle in The Sims 3: Ambitions. It is attached to the Firefighter profession.

It is very slow in the beginning of the game but can be increased through 3 levels of upgrading to become significantly faster. Just like the fire alarm, it requires maintenance on a regular basis. Upon reaching the top of the Firefighting profession, the sim will receive their own personal Woo Woo 4000 in their inventory and can recolor it as they see fit. As long they are a Firefighter, they will be required to maintain the vehicle, however, should they choose to quit the profession, they can still have the Woo Woo 4000 and will no longer be required to maintain it.

The first engine upgrade is available at handiness level 5.


  • If the Sim chooses to detonate the Woo Woo 4000, they will continue to respond to emergencies using their own car, taxi, limo, or just by simply running to the emergency's location. The fire truck will not respawn and the Sim will still get messages informing the player that the fire truck is in need of maintenance.
  • Sometimes, if the Sim goes to put out a small house fire, they will not use the fire truck to return to the station, and the fire truck will stay at the victim's house until the next emergency.
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