The Sims Wiki employs a semi-automatic User Notification system. If an administrator deems a particular piece of news or item of discussion to be especially important, they may employ a bot to contact frequent editors to The Sims Wiki. Whether you are a 'frequent' editor and thus likely to be contacted depends on the following

  • Whether you've edited the wiki within the past few days or weeks
  • Whether you've edited the wiki many times (upwards of 100)
  • Whether you're blocked from the wiki

If you want to ensure that you receive these notices, please add your signature to the "Please Contact" list below.

Protocol for User Notifications[edit source]

Administrators following this system use it with the intent that it be a useful tool for notifying users of very important current events. We do not wish to spam user talk pages unnecessarily, and we do not wish to use this tool for anything but the most important matters; use on more trivial issues would reduce the tool's ultimate effectiveness. Messages sent through this system must also be obviously different from a normal message written by a user. Specifically, a user receiving the messages should have some means to limit reception of future messages.

As a result of the above concerns, the following protocol regarding the use of Bots for User Notifications is observed:

  • No more than one Notification in a week. At least seven days must pass between notices. Be sure to update the time and date below when you use the system.
Time and date of most recent Notification-
  • An administrator should consult with other administrators before issuing a notification, to ensure that only the most essential matters are promoted.
  • Administrators should not use the system to contact users who have expressly requested to be omitted from the notifications. Users wishing to be omitted need to sign below to signify this.
  • Messages sent through this system should follow this general format:
Your input is wanted (or a more specific title)

Text, describing the reason for the message. Use multiple paragraphs if needed. Take care to mention why the person is being contacted - is there some matter they should be aware of? Is there a discussion they should weigh in on? Is there a push for consensus going on?

Be sure to include the message within a box, similar to the one this is in. This will help ensure that the message "pops" on the user talk page, and differentiates it from a normal talk page message.

At the bottom of the message area, include your signature, even if this is being sent through a bot. If it is being sent by bot through a bot account, you might want to include a link to the bot's user page in the text below.

Include a disclaimer here, explaining that this is a message being delivered by bot, and link to the bot account if necessary. Include a link to The Sims Wiki:User Notifications, and an explanation that they can unsubscribe there if they want.

Unsubscribe[edit source]

If you do not wish to receive automatic messages through the User Notifications System, you need to sign your username below. Before doing so, be aware that signing does not limit the ability of other users to contact you on your talk page. It also does not limit the ability of a user to contact other users manually, it only prohibits the use of a bot to message you. If you wish to not be contacted by any users on your talk page, you need to consult an administrator - however, your request to lock your user talk page will not be granted unless absolutely necessary.

Signing below indicates that you do not wish to participate in The Sims Wiki's User Notification program. Invalid signatures will not be accepted. You must be a registered contributor in order to sign.

Please Contact[edit source]

If you wish to ensure that you are always reached by this system, or are worried that you do not meet the criteria to be contacted, you can sign below. Note that in the event your account is blocked over a long term, you may be removed from this list.

Sign below if you wish to be contacted through The Sims Wiki's User Notification program.

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