SimCity's Next Top Model is a contest created by Bakerychaz. It is based on America's Next Top Model, a show in real life. Usually, one contestant is eliminated per part. The show starts off with 16 contestants from The Sims series.

The 16 Contestants Edit

Jamie Jolina (The Sims 3, Sunset Valley)
Bella Goth (Many Sims Games)
Nina Caliente (The Sims 2 and 3, Pleasantview and Barnacle Bay)
Dina Caliente (The Sims 2 and 3, Pleasantview and Barnacle Bay)
Patricia Wan (The Sims 2, Riverblossom Hills)
Kimberly Cordial (The Sims 2, Belladonna Cove)
Kaylynn Langerak (The Sims 2 and 3, Pleasantview and Sunset Valley)
Elizabeth Aspir (The Sims 2, Desiderata Valley
Zoey Rosenfeld (The Sims Pet Stories, Arbor Falls)
Jennifer Burb (The Sims 2, Pleasantview)
Susan Wainwright (The Sims 3, Sunset Valley)
Chastity Gere (The Sims 2, Belladonna Cove)
Jenni Jones-Brown (The Sims 3, Twinbrook)
Samantha Smythe (The Sims 3, Bridgeport)
Charlotte Dubois (The Sims 3, Champs Les Sims)
Elvira Slayer (The Sims 3, Bridgeport)

Part 1: Charlotte's Decision Edit

The contestants are challenged to do a runway walk and a picture. They wore beautiful dresses designed by SimCity's most famous designer. Charlotte was too lazy to get up and walk, so she asked the judges if she could sit out one challenge. The judges said no, and Charlotte realized she didn't want to take part in SimCity's Next Top Model, so she quit. The challenge had just ended. There was drama stirring in the model house after Charlotte quitting. There was yelling, screaming and fighting. When the contestants came to the judging, Chastity's picture was just horrible and so was Samantha's. The judges deliberated, and voted Samantha out.

Elimination Edit

Charlotte quit, and Samantha was voted out, leaving 14 girls left.

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Part 2: Susan's Picture Edit

Who left in the last part: Samantha Smythe and Charlotte Dubois.

The model house had calmed down since the last judging. Bella and Dina were getting along, and so were Zoey and Chastity. Jenni, was feeling lonely though; she missed her parents and Goodwin. She was also feeling very sick. The judges' next challenge to the girls was posing on a Llama. The girls were panicking as they were frightened by Llamas; there was one exception though - Bella. She was very brave. They posed and it didn't go well: most of the girls were terrible at posing on Llamas. At the judging, the judges saw Susan's potential. Her picture was amazing. She was voted the best and Elizabeth Aspir was eliminated.

Elimination Edit

Elizabeth was eliminated, leaving 13 girls left.

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Part 3: Jenni's Big Problem Edit

Who left in the last part: Elizabeth Aspir.

Jenni found out she was pregnant. She was very worried because the judges might disqualify her. She kept her pregnancy a secret. The challenge to the girls was a swimsuit picture. Jenni was very worried about posing in a bikini, as she was pregnant and had put on a lot of weight. At the challenge, Zoey was so woried about the challenge that she started hyperventilating. Later, she was fine. They took the picture and most of the pictures were fine: not great but not bad. The judges made a surprise announcement - a double elimination. Dina was very worried. Chastity and Dina had the worst photos, resulting in their elimination.

Elimination Edit

Dina Caliente and Chastity Gere were eliminated, leaving 11 girls left.

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Part 4: Elvira's Power Edit

Who left in the last part: Dina Caliente and Chastity Gere.

The challenge was an outdoor photo shoot. Elvira was struggling as she couldn't handle daylight because she was a vampire. She started burning and collapsed, then she was taken to the hospital. Since her photo wasn't taken, she was disqualified from the competition. There still had to be someone voted out, though. They went to judging, and the judges decided Zoey had the worst picture, and she was eliminated.

Elimination Edit

Zoey was voted out and Elvira was disqualified, leaving 9 girls left.

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Part 5: Nina's Hair Edit

Who left in the last part: Zoey Rosenfeld and Elvira Slayer.

Nina went to the hairdresser, and the staff screwed her dye up and her hair went purple. She was horrified. The next challenge was a runway walk. Nina was so worried her hair would not be good for the runway. The girls went down the runway and as they were walking, Patricia fell; and she was so scared. At the judging, Patricia was voted out.

Elimination Edit

Patricia was voted out, leaving 8 girls left.

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Part 6: Charlotte's Return Edit

Who left in the last part: Patricia Wan.

Charlotte was regretting leaving the competition. She asked if she could return, and they accepted. She was now a contestant and determined to be as active as she could be in challenges. The new challenge was to design a floor-length gown. All the girls designed beautiful dresses, so it was hard for the judges to vote someone out. Nina designed a pale pink dress with fake white roses on it. Charlotte, determined, designed a pale blue dress with clouds sewn on. The judges had to pick the worst of the best, and came to the conclusion that Jennifer Burb's dress was the worst and eliminated her.

Elimination Edit

Jennifer was voted out, leaving 7 girls left.

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Part 7: Kaylynn's Job Edit

Who left in the last part: Jennifer Burb.

Kaylynn got a call from her boss at work, who was the founder of the maid service. She said that Kaylynn can't take this long a paid break from work and if she doesn't come back in 5 days, they'll fire her. Kaylynn had a choice: leave the show and carry on with her job, or take the risk and carry on with the show, which could end up with Kaylynn winning and getting a modeling job or she could lose and not have a job. She decided to stay, as she was confident she would win. Jamie heard about this, and thought Kaylynn was being too confident on herself, so Jamie wanted to get her sent off the show. So she said to the judges that Kaylynn had cheated in the dress-designing challenge by getting a dress designed for her. The judges heard that Jamie was lying, and they disqualified her. The challenge was to do a simple photo shoot, and Kimberly was voted out.

Elimination Edit

Kimberly was voted out and Jamie was disqualified, leaving 5 girls left.

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Part 8: Bella's Abduction Edit

Who left in the last part: Kimberly Cordial and Jamie Jolina.

One night, Bella was outside the model house, when she was abducted by aliens. The judges put the competition on hold until she had returned. She did not return, which led her to being disqualified. The girls were extremely upset by this, and the model house was very quiet. The next challenge was to walk down the runway in a dress designed by themselves. The elimination depended on not just the walk, but the dress too. Nina's dress was terrible, but Kaylynn's walk was terrible; making he decision as to who will leave difficult. The judges deliberated, and voted Nina out.

Elimination Edit

Bella was disqualified, and Nina was voted out, leaving 4 girls left.

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Part 9: Jenni's Pregnancy Edit

Who left in the last part: Nina Caliente and Bella Goth.

Jenni was now 4 months pregnant, and very big. She told the judges about it, and they decided to keep her in the competition. Jenni was feeling alright and very glad about staying in the competition. Charlotte was very homesick at the time, very homesick. She missed France and her friends. Kaylynn was also having a problem - she missed her job. The job she was fired from, the job she gave up to be where she is. Susan was also having a problem - she missed her daughter and her husband. And, finally, Jenni was also homesick. Everybody was missing something. They were too close to the end of the competition to give up now. The challenge was to do a simple runway walk, and Jenni was voted out.

Elimination Edit

Jenni was voted out, leaving 3 girls left.

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Part 10: The Finale Edit

Who left in the last part: Jenni Jones-Brown.

This was it. The end. The finale. The 3 were determined to win. The first challenge was to do a runway walk in the dresses they designed in the dress-making challenge. Charlotte was proud of her cloud dress and was very confident. Susan walked down the runway in her floor-length gown with a train. Kaylynn was missing Jenni, as they were best friends. The girls walked down the runway. As Kaylynn walked, she was so nervous that she fainted. She was immediately disqualified. Susan did a good job, and so did Charlotte. The judges deliberated, and announced that the winner was... Susan Wainwright!

Five months after the finale, Jenni named her baby daughter after her best friend Kaylynn Langerak, naming her Kaylynn Jones-Goode.

Elimination Edit

Kaylynn was disqualified, Charlotte was voted out and Susan won.

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Remaining Contestants Edit

Susan Wainwright (The Sims 3, Sunset Valley)

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