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Here you will find an overview of what sort of maintenance tasks you can do here on The Sims Wiki. Perpetual tasks listed on the left are tasks which will require a hand from time to time and current tasks are limited quantity tasks, usually following a move or restructuring of the site. Note that a specific perpetual task may not need any attention today, but it might tomorrow. Other perpetual tasks may require hundreds of edits before they are "completed" and are down to zero.

Click the small info signs Info information icon for a more detailed explanation of how to perform the selected task. You can also see all the expanded information directly on Todo/explained.

If you finish a current task, mark it with a Icon yes check v by adding {{check2}} in front of the task.

Beginner tasksEdit

Beginner tasks are for people who are still new to wiki'ing. These tasks assume that you've read the help page Beginner's Corner. Topics are links, inserting images and adding game content.

Perpetual beginner tasksEdit

Current beginner tasksEdit

Intermediate tasksEdit

Intermediate tasks require a bit more knowledge of wikicode and focuses mostly on categories and the basics of using templates. Help:Category, Help:Templates and The Sims Wiki:Templates will come in handy.

It might be a good idea to take a tour around all our categories to get a feel for how they're connected, use the Category tree.

Perpetual Intermediate tasksEdit

Current Intermediate tasksEdit

Advanced tasksEdit

Advanced tasks require a bit more knowledge of wikicode and how The Sims Wiki is structured. This level will cover larger templates, uploading images, image licenses, redirects, references and stubs.

Perpetual Advanced tasksEdit

Current Advanced tasksEdit

Expert tasksEdit

Expert tasks are for experienced wiki editors and requires vast knowledge of wiki-code or how code programming works in general.

Perpetual Expert tasksEdit

Current Expert tasksEdit

  • Make sure userbox templates sort users after their username by adding |{{PAGENAME}} to the category tag.
  • Add disambiguation links to {{Sim}} template for traits and aspirations using {{GetLink}}.

Hardcore tasksEdit

Hardcore tasks are for users (mainly admins) who are experienced with Javascript, CSS and the workings of both Wikia and MediaWiki.

Perpetual Hardcore tasksEdit

Current Hardcore tasksEdit

Administrator tasksEdit

Administrator tasks are tasks which only administrators can perform.

Perpetual Admin tasksEdit

Current Admin tasksEdit

Bot tasksEdit

Bot tasks are major trivial tasks where a large amount of pages needs a minor edit such as moving one category to another or updated a parameter across many templates.

Perpetual Bot tasksEdit

Current Bot tasksEdit

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