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== The Sims 2 (console) ==
{{Infobox object
|name = Refrigerators in The Sims 2 (console)
|image = [[File:TS2C Fridges.png|200px]]
|game = The Sims 2 (console)
|buy = Buy Catalog
|price = §500-§1500
|type = Appliance
}}Refrigerators in ''[[The Sims 2 (console)]]'', just like in [[The Sims]], the household loses an amount of money each time a Sim takes food from their refrigerator, but refrigerators are always full unless the household has no more money left to buy the food they want. The quality of the refrigerator affects how satisfying a meal is; more expensive refrigerators will produce more satisfying meals. It also affects what ingredients are available.
If a Sim tries to open the fridge without any money, the following message will appear: "You don't have enough simoleons to buy food!"
On their own, Sims can grab a snack for §5 or get generic ingredients for §12 and make any of the following:
*Shabu-Shabu - made on the counter
*Roast - cooked in the oven
*Roast & Veggies - prep on the counter and then cook it in the oven
*Dinner-in-a-cup - made in a blender
*Soup - made in a food processor
*Casserole - prep in a food processor and then cook it in the oven
In Direct Mode, Sims can be instructed to grab ingredients or group meal ingredients from the refrigerator. From there, you can choose any four ingredients you desire and prepare different recipes. You can view these recipes, but you must unlock them first.
*'''Note:''' Recipes do not need to be unlocked in order to prepare them, they only need to be unlocked to view it.
{|border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="wikitable sortable"
!scope="col"|'''Object name'''
!scope="col" width="1024"|'''Description'''
|EconoCool Refrigerator<br />[[File:EconoCool Refrigerator.png|200px]]
|<blockquote class=note>Low temperatures, low price. EconoCool lets you stretch your simoleons and your leftovers at the same time. Grab a snack or "get creative" by making something yourself. Who thought refrigerators could be so cool?</blockquote>'''Hunger:''' 4
|Chow Bella Bachelor Fridge<br />[[File:Chow Bella Bachelor Fridge.png|200px]]
|<blockquote class=note>Today's fridge is way more than a simple food preservation's a companion and a partner. Chow Bella not only estimates your nutritional needs, she also tries to look her best, cleans her drawers daily, and even entertains your friends- without a smart mouth. Finally- a fridge you can introduce to Mom!</blockquote>'''Hunger:''' 6
|Nostalgix Refrigerator<br />[[File:Nostalgix Refrigerator.png|200px]]
|<blockquote class=note>Using time travel, we at Nostalgix Industries travel back in time to rob people of their possessions so that we can give today's customers fabulous designs at a great price! We stole this collection of refrigerators from an appliance store in the upper Midwest. Enjoy!</blockquote>'''Hunger:''' 8
|U-Probe-It Refrigerating Organism<br />[[File:U-Probe-It Refrigerating Organism.png|200px]]
|<blockquote class=note>The U-Probe-It Refrigerating Organism is not a refrigerator but a living space entity bred and raised to assist its fellow entities with important refrigerating tasks like cooling stuff, freezing stuff, and displaying the art of young sporelings.</blockquote>'''Hunger:''' 10
<br />'''Note:''' Earn 7,700 Aspiration Points to unlock this object.

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