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Sincerely. ([[User:Kiwi tea|Kiwi tea]] 08:46, June 16, 2010 (UTC))
Sincerely. ([[User:Kiwi tea|Kiwi tea]] 08:46, June 16, 2010 (UTC))
=== [[User:Jeve|Jeve]] ===
Requesting Rollback.
*Over 100 edits and rising (more if you count edits as an IP)
*Cleans up vandalism/mistakes quickly
*Reports spam pages to online administrators
*Finds joy in fixing incorrect pages
*Very determined to fix any factual errors on the Wiki
Thanks [[User:Jeve|Jeve]] 22:43, June 16, 2010 (UTC)
[[Category:Site administration|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Site administration|{{PAGENAME}}]]

Revision as of 22:43, June 16, 2010

The Sims Wiki is currently not in need of more admins but positions are still available. If you have proven yourself to be a valuable member of the community, and you think you're capable of doing the job, this is where to apply. Minimum requirements are:

  • Average or higher wiki editing knowledge.
This means you have to have contributed regularly to some wiki (not necessarily this one).
  • Having started to contribute on The Sim Wiki (edits in the content namespace are not taken too seriously).
  • Your first edit on The Sims Wiki should not be your application on this page.
  • Understandable, (almost 100%) correct English all the time.
  • Playing the game is nice, since you'll be editing and making decisions based on the game's content.
  • Be able to expand articles to make them more useful for the community.
  • You should not copy articles from Wikipedia and paste them here.

What you will do as an admin

  • Revert vandalism, warn and/or block vandals.
  • Move pages to correct page names, delete unnecessary redirects.
  • Have a strong voice when decisions have to be taken.
  • This is a "young" wiki with few established rules.
  • Have the final say in most arguments (unless one of your equals or superiors disagree).
More info and a list of current admins can be found at Administrators

Positions available

Please specify in your request if you are willing to take on a position.

Forum moderator
Along with other admin duties, they will be specifically responsible for the forums. They will be expected to view and create threads and posts, and move, delete or edit users posts that violate the policies of The Sims Wiki and its forum.
Investigate complaints and mediate fair solutions between users and the administration.

Closed requests

Amy Cotton

  • Talks very clean and uses correct English
  • Greeting new users very friendly and always helping
  • Has made around 500 edits (most, if not all, friendly and helpful)
  • Has a good eyesight and can spot vandalism
  • Will help with anything and anyone

I am very helpful and always willing to help.

I have given you rollback privileges. --a_morris (talk) 18:20, 18 April 2009 (UTC)


  • Have made a lot of edits around the wiki
  • Speaks English correctly (not like u r gr8 and what not)
  • Will try to remove vandalism as much as I can

I do not promise anything good in the future, but I'll try my best.

You are now a sysop. --a_morris (talk) 18:20, 18 April 2009 (UTC)

Random Ranaun

  • I am willing to help any users who need it.
  • I try to improve pages that need it.
  • I log on this wiki every day.
  • I use correct and understandable English.
  • I remove vandalism whenever I see it.
  • I am kind to most (if not all) users.

I wish to become an admin so I could help improve this wiki even more.

Was made a sysop. --a_morris (talk) 04:31, 19 April 2009 (UTC)


  • I am always kind to anyone who asks me questions or if I have a question for them.
  • I am usually logged on and editing the wiki every day (I havn't been online recently because of illness).
  • I try my best to fix broken pages and expand small ones.
  • I use correct English on all pages (except sometimes on the discussions pages).
  • I get involved in discussions and contests (e.g the logo contest).
  • And I am an honest person.

I feel that I would make a reliable and responsible admin. Matta jr 20:39, 18 April 2009 (UTC)

Was given administrator rights. --a_morris (talk) 21:04, 2 May 2009 (UTC)


  • Has been editing The Sims Wiki since 2005.
  • Does not like to give up until a problem is solved.
  • Gets along well with others.
  • Tries his best to use correct spelling and grammar.
  • Helped to bring new members to the wiki, when it was almost deserted.

I do not have any past experience in a position like this, but will do the best that I can.

I have given you rollback privileges. --a_morris (talk) 04:13, 26 April 2009 (UTC)


I would like to request an adminship even though I may be somewhat of a hater. I have been "nice" to other. PLEAZE!! Joethatblackguy

Your adminship application has been rejected for the following reasons: No user name, an admin most be recognizable to other users, and you have also been disruptive and abusive to members of the community. --a_morris (talk) 21:04, 2 May 2009 (UTC)


  • I dont tak liek dis!
  • I have made many edits, mainly to fix grammar errors.
  • I don't get mad over nothing(i.e someone made huge edits to my userpage).
  • I try to get EP's to help those EP articles.

I may be new, but I'm pretty dang smart and know lots about The Sims.

I have given you rollback privileges. --a_morris (talk) 21:04, 2 May 2009 (UTC)


  • I don't use chat speak on wikia
  • I will fix vandalism
  • I know a lot about the sims and will contribute
  • I am never mad at this wikia or any unless it has very very very very very bad news(worse than the sims 3 being delayed)
  • I go on this wikia everyday

i hope you give me a chance

I have given you rollback privileges. --a_morris (talk) 21:04, 2 May 2009 (UTC)


  • Well in the first place, my English is really very, very clear.
  • In the second, I want to improve The Sims Wiki because as I said on my user page, it is very promising project. For more informations about my goals see my user page, please.
  • I like editing, expanding articles and discussions.
  • I am trying to help, when is the help really needed.
  • I know how to work here on The Sims Wiki :)

I think I have a chance to do very good job as administrator.

Given rollback privileges. --a_morris (talk) 17:37, 12 May 2009 (UTC)


  • I utilize proper grammer and spelling.
  • I am online every day (except for weekends)
  • I revert vandalism and nonsense edits.
  • I 'stay calm' when dealing with vandals and problems between users.

I think I can improve the wiki greatly, even if I don't become gain adminship. I hope you'll consider me.

Request for adminship approved. --a_morris (talk) 01:11, 20 May 2009 (UTC)


  • I am Respectful to others and Responsible to make sure other SimWiki Users do not be disrespectful to other SimWiki Users.
  • I would like to make sure that other SimWiki users do not do the wrong things and make sure they do the right things.
  • I am on SimWiki everyday except Sundays.
  • I Respect other SimWiki Users to right in proper grammer.

I Pray and Hope I become and Admin Thank you(SimKing)

Granted rollback privileges. --a_morris (talk) 23:18, 29 May 2009 (UTC)


  • I have occupied wikia for one year, I have rollback rights on the Halo wikia, I often contribute to the Star Wars Fanon wikia and I have also founded this piece of rubbish :P
  • I have made a lot of corrections to this wikis' pages, mainly on the Sims' pages, but I generally like to edit a lot. I also removed the user created contest pages from the mainspace and created a page-to-page non-mainspace space for them.
  • As for antivandalism, when I come here I first check my watchlist (I have emails sent to me) to see what changes have been done while I have been away and I always correct the slightest mistake in HTML formatting I find.
  • I have never utilized leet speech, even when I am with my friends in private. That says it all.
  • I have to admit that sometimes I am a little offensive, though I have been working on this and if I am flagged I will give that a boost.
  • I play the Sims 2 and I own every expansion pack and every stuff pack but the two newest.
  • I visit the forums daily, though you may not believe me as I never speak there :D I can also use the irc if needed.

I'm new here, but not new to wikis in general, and I know what the role of the admin is. So, I await for your decisio0n. - JEA13 [iTalk] 12:22, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

Granted adminship. --a_morris (talk) 23:18, 29 May 2009 (UTC)

Bob Newbie is kl

  • I use correct english at all times (apart from my username).
  • I have made nearly 750 edits.
  • I have a lot of Sims knowledge.
  • I'm never mean to other users.
  • I've been at this wiki quite a long time.

I want to become an administrator because I feel it will be a new experience for me.

Request approved. --a_morris (talk) 23:53, 11 June 2009 (UTC)


  • Already an experienced, established editor on the English Wikipedia. I'm already trusted with rollback rights there
  • I don't have a ton of edits here but I already have more than enough technical wiki experience
  • A lot of my contributions here have been fixing spelling and grammar, so I'm the least likely to use poor English
  • I very rarely lose my temper and am capable of keeping calm and civil in discussions
  • Avid player of the games so there are very few gaps in my knowledge of The Sims

Thanks for considering my request. I may not have been around long but I would love to be able to help out more.

request approved. --a_morris (talk) 14:59, 20 June 2009 (UTC)

Bella Goth

  • I speak English clearly, as well as use proper grammar.
  • I have made around 250 edits on the Sims, as well as other edits on Harry Potter wiki.
  • I have created many pages... e.g. Buck Broke, A.P. Vandermorgan, Vincet Skullfinder, Milton Bachelor, and many more.
  • I have never gotten in any arguments on the wiki.
  • I have reverted vandalism several times, and when I am not able to, I report it to another user.
  • I have been playing Sims games since 2000. Since then I have collected 36 games from the Sims nation.
  • I log on and make edits every day.

I would really like to be an administrator so I can further help in making this wiki even better and more user friendly!

request approved. --a_morris (talk) 14:59, 20 June 2009 (UTC)


  • I would to become an administrator because:
  • I speak clearly and have made some pages
  • I've got The Sims and expansons, The Sims 2 with all expansion and stuff packs and The Sims 3 Collectors Edition.
  • I have made loads of edits.
  • I LOVE this site!
  • I can make it a better place.
  • I am respectful and kind.
  • I treat vandalism, easily by deleting it or editing it.
  • You will find more pages and work will be done with me as an admin.
  • I stay on this site for at least 25 mins on this site every single day (except when I am on holidays).
  • I don't speak in text message English.
  • I write about Sims on my PC, like Cassandra Goth and have made Natasha Una/theories.
  • I only go on this and the Fanon wiki.
  • I am very tidy.

You will notice a difference, honest! From TheDataMonster

Granted rollback privileges. --a_morris (talk) 02:51, 11 July 2009 (UTC)


Reasons for Adminship:

  • I have played over 8 Sim video games.
  • Althought I have made less then 100 main space edits I have a great knowledge of Sims and I can easily add neccessary information where needed.
  • I've done some major edits to pages.
  • I have over 1,000 edits on all wikias combined.
  • I can easily upload pictures and videos of every character/place/etc, in the Sims 2 and Sims 3 base games.
  • I am very enthusiastic about this website and editing it.
  • I am VERY active.
  • I can help catch vandilism and welcome new users.

I hope to make this Wikia one of the best ones out there for all my fellow Sim fans!! You won't be sorry!

Zmario 21:08, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

Granted rollback privileges. --a_morris (talk) 02:51, 11 July 2009 (UTC)


Reasons for adminship:

  • I have all expansion packs for the Sims, Sims 2, and Sims 3 plus I have the Sims on Console, The Sims Bustin Out, The sims 2 for the Nintendo DS and The Urbz.
  • I am on the Sims Wiki nearly every day (except for holiday events).
  • I love the Sims series very much
  • I've been playing the Sims Series since 2002
  • I have edited almost 100 times
  • I've made edits on the Harry Potter Wiki, The Boondocks wiki, The Naruto Wiki, The Family Guy Wiki, The Clevelandshow Wiki and the Degrassi Wiki.
  • I am an experienced Sim player
  • I can spot vandalism a mile away
  • I can type clearly and without looking at the keyboards

Oh please A Morris I love this site so much cant wait to learn if i'm in--ArchieAndrewfan3001 10:01, December 28, 2009 (UTC)

Request denied. You still have not shown that you are comfortable with the wiki interface. --a_morris (talk) 17:05, December 28, 2009 (UTC)


  • Uses common sense when it comes to vandalism or deleting pages
  • Is on The Sims Wiki everyday
  • Edits nearly everyday
  • Even though I may have not had an account for a long time, I started contributing as a unregistered contributor in September 2008 until I made this account
  • Has never and never plans to commit plagiarism (from copying and pasting articles from other sites or such)
  • Has all The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 expansion packs
  • Is a fast learner (i.e. templates, uploading media, etc.)
  • Always uses correct grammar and never swears
  • Nvr speks lik dis
  • Greets new users and helps them become established editors on the wiki
  • Is kind to all users
  • Has a good sense of humor, but can be very strict when it comes to vandalism or such

Thanks for possibly considering a fool like me! :D

Granted rollback privileges. --a_morris (talk) 18:53, 2010 January 24
Admin request granted --a_morris (talk) 15:32, January 31, 2010 (UTC)

Walker guy94

  • I can undo vandalism
  • I can use english perfectly and try to fix any mistakes
  • I can keep myself calmed down even when I'm in any problems
  • I will try to answer any question if there's any
  • I have made around 300 edits
  • I am always kind to other users
  • I have learned the terms of admin privileges

I just want rollback privileges for this time. Thank you for your time. -- Walker guy94 05:38, February 20, 2010 (UTC)

rollback privileges granted. --a_morris (talk) 15:13, February 20, 2010 (UTC)
I am ready to request admin privileges. I'll try to do my best. -- Walker guy94 00:35, February 22, 2010 (UTC)
request granted --a_morris (talk) 17:16, March 11, 2010 (UTC)


  • I have medium editing knowledge, I have been editing on wikis for 2 years.
  • I have had a total of 501 edits on these wikis:

Club Penguin Wiki

Club Penguin Wiki (My second account)

Homestar Runner Wiki

and of course this wiki!

  • I have 99.99% correct English always. (In the 0.1% chance, it is only if my mind malfuncions) and I dont talk liek this.
  • I own The Sims and The Sims 3 and will be getting The Sims 2 in 11 days.
  • I never plagiarize, even if finding information is hard.

Thank you for your time. Also, I would like rollback privileges.

request granted --a_morris (talk) 17:18, March 11, 2010 (UTC)


  • Is Very Knowledgeable about The Sims and Can Teach Other Users.
  • Respectful
  • Is New to The Wiki but Can Learn to Became more Knowledgeable.

If I am accepted, Thank you A morris.

rollback privileges granted. --a_morris (talk) 00:41, April 4, 2010 (UTC)


  • I have knowledge about wiki programming.
  • I use correct English grammar.
  • I have The Sims 2 and all expansion packs and all stuff packs. I have The Sims 3 too. So, I have knowledge about The Sims Series.
  • I will take an serious action to vandals. I will edit and or delete the vandalized pages immediately.
  • I edit pages objectively, not subjectively.
  • I am addicted to this site.

I am willing to help and improvise to make this wiki better. Free contribution for the better future :D. I would like Rollback Privileges or Forum Moderator. Thanks in advance.

rollback privileges granted. --a_morris (talk) 00:41, April 4, 2010 (UTC)


  • I never use short forms
  • I use correct English grammar
  • I know about the sims, The Sims 2 and the sims 3. ( I have the sims 1 and 3 expansion packs, The sims 2 and all the expansion packs,and The sims 3 with world adventures)
  • I have reported vandalism before to a user
  • I visit the sims wiki regularly
  • I have helped the wiki community by helping with the weekly poll

I promise that If I am an admin I will do my best to continue to help the Wiki community.

rollback privileges granted. --a_morris (talk) 00:41, April 4, 2010 (UTC)

Mr Montmorency

  • I have experience with citing sources and wiki editing.
  • I specialize in series lore and can contribute frequently to them.
  • I plan on setting up notability guidelines.
  • I have made less edits, but contributed more on the ones i've made.
  • I speak fluent English and can make articles encyclopedic and in a neutral point of view.
  • I visit often.
  • I have a wiki of my own.

Any abilities to help do these things would speed things up.

rollback privileges granted. --a_morris (talk) 00:41, April 4, 2010 (UTC)


I know I've previously disavowed interest in adminship, but it looks like it's time to step up to the plate.

  • I have a clean record.
  • I undo vandalism when I see it.
  • I use proper spelling and grammar, and try to write clearly.
  • I try to improve pages that need it.
  • I can be helpful to other users
  • I'm usually on every day.

Dharden 23:55, May 20, 2010 (UTC)

request granted. --a_morris (talk) 19:38, June 14, 2010 (UTC)


Request for Rollback Privileges. --Monster2821 13:57, June 14, 2010 (UTC)

  • Nice
  • Rarely had vandalism
  • 100 edits
  • Does not talk like dis
reviewing request. --a_morris (talk) 19:38, June 14, 2010 (UTC)
granting request. --a_morris (talk) 20:25, June 14, 2010 (UTC)

Open Requests


  • I edit daily
  • I have a clean record
  • I really am a fan of this wiki and would like to help
  • I have close to a thousand edits
  • I use clean language and never tak leik dis
  • I'm pretty friendly with other users
  • If denied requesting rollback

Sorry I don't have much to say thank you --Thelamppost 01:35, April 9, 2010 (UTC)


  • I am ready to become a forum moderator

If I become a forum moderator, I'll do my best to keep it in tip-top shape.

Reviewing request. --a_morris (talk) 00:41, April 4, 2010 (UTC)


  • I really like this Wiki and I think I could help improve it (though it's pretty good already).
  • I'm very internet-savvy.
  • The Sims is my favorite video game and I know a lot about it. I got TS3 last year and have been a huge fanatic ever since. I don't own TS1, though.
  • I'm very active.
  • I usually edit at least once a day.
  • I'm pretty easy to get along with most of the time.
  • I have previous admin experiences. I'm an admin on GigglerCats Wiki and Warriors Fanfiction Wiki. I used to be one on Warriors Characters Wiki before I resigned. I also founded a Wiki of my own last year, which turned out rather successful.
  • My one weakness is that sometimes, I can seem too harsh. This is because before, on one of those other Wikis, I was too soft on vandals. But I realized it and started being firmer. And anyway, the people I'm harsh on are mainly just the people who do really awful things, like cyberbullying other users, or putting swear words into articles.
  • I'm fluent in English, I know proper grammar, and I never, ever use 1337. I occasionally say "OMG" or "LOL," but otherwise I don't really use chatspeak.
  • I realize that I'm fairly new and I probably won't get these rights. But if I do, I think I'd make a decent admin.
  • If you're put off by the fact that I only joined about 3 or 4 months ago, I'm fine with just rollback rights. Or none at all.



  • I'm reliable
  • I don't tak liek dis
  • I have no history of being blocked, vandalism, or spamming
  • I can be helpful to users
  • I can design

Hope I'm accepted! --Aurora 03:52, April 6, 2010 (UTC)


I think it would be useful for myself and the site if I requested rollback rights.

  • I write clearly, in English.
  • I watch the wiki and undo vandalism as often as I see it.
  • I am an active player, as well as an active creator on MTS, so have an interest in ensuring this wiki is accurate for other players.
  • I am quickly becoming very comfortable with Wiki formatting.
  • I have quite a few edits under my belt, and have worked hard to broaden the scope of several sections.

Sincerely. (Kiwi tea 08:46, June 16, 2010 (UTC))


Requesting Rollback.

  • Over 100 edits and rising (more if you count edits as an IP)
  • Cleans up vandalism/mistakes quickly
  • Reports spam pages to online administrators
  • Finds joy in fixing incorrect pages
  • Very determined to fix any factual errors on the Wiki

Thanks Jeve 22:43, June 16, 2010 (UTC)

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