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C.Syde65 (talk · contribs · editcount · block · modify rights · logs · block log)

I, C.Syde would like to nominate myself for administrator-ship on the Sims wiki. I have been an active contributor to the wiki for seven months and I have been a rollback for five of those months. In that time I have proven myself to be a very strong and very capable editor.

I have been patrolling recent changes on a regular basis, issuing level 1 and 2 warnings to users who are clearly acting in bad faith, reverting bad faith edits, and have also reported vandalism here on at least two occasions.
I have made many contributions in a short period of time, and have excelled not only in quantity but quality as well. I have also made several templates on the wiki.
I have participated in several community discussions, and have given my opinions about more sensitive things like on this page and that page.
Naturally I have also understood the more "sensitive" situations which I will be held responsible for being an admin. I know how to partake in sensitive discussions which is important for any admin.
It would be great to receive some more tools that I could benefit from.

As an administrator, I'll be starting small - more or less like I did when I first became a rollback - until I get used to being an administrator. But before I can get used to being one, first I need to become one. The benefits I feel I will receive will be:

  • Deleting obviously unneeded files / pages.
  • Blocking obvious vandals, trolls and sockpuppets.
  • Deleting comments from fanon pages by (e.g. myself).
  • Moving pages to their rightful places without leaving re-directs.
  • Locking pages (only for the correct circumstances).
  • Issuing level 3 warnings (I accidentally used one in the past but I reverted it).

If my request for administrator-ship does fall through, I promise I won't abuse my new tools. I will act like a regular rollbacker, and only live up to my title as administrator when necessary. The administrators are not here to be lorded over others, they are here to help.

If my request doesn't fall through, then no matter. I've already received positive feedback, and I already have a good editing history, which will be a huge advantage, if ever I wish to nominate myself (or be nominated) again.

-- C.Syde (talk | contribs) 05:42, June 19, 2014 (UTC)

You're eligible to request administratorship. Your request will be handled when the current request is dealt with. -- LostInRiverview talk ~ blog 05:47, June 19, 2014 (UTC)


Please include your comments below this line. Be sure to sign your comments with four tildes (~~~~). Discussion shall last for at least five days. Time remaining:

Sorry C.Syde. You're a good editor, your heart is definitely in the right place, you're ambitious and I certainly see a lot of potential in you, but you really need to take a step back and think a little bit deeper about what you're doing. You often make avoidable mistakes when editing and while some of them may be just that, others are unexplainable. You've also made assumptions regarding a certain user and their sockpuppets without fully researching the issue at hand, in that Ilovesims3 is an account from 2010, as well as your over-eagerness to handle strictly administrative tasks, of which was discussed with you (your side of that linked for arguments sake), of which I won't go too much into but it has proven to be an issue. I know that you're trying to help but I really can't be here to revert any avoidable mistakes you might make with the administrator tools should your RfA pass. The bottom line is that you're still learning the ropes and you still have some way to go. Everybody should go at their own pace and nobody is expecting you to take all of this into account immediately, so don't be disheartened by this. Just acknowledge your mistakes, observe what's going on with administrative issues, rather than attempt to jump straight into them, and don't be afraid to ask another editor if you're not sure. Take all of this into account and I'll be happy to support you next time around, but unfortunately I can't do so right now. Lost Labyrinth Flag united kingdom england (c)(b) 21:00, June 24, 2014 (UTC)

I have to agree with Lost Labyrinth, you're just not ready.

If there's anything that proves this, it's your recent actions regarding ILoveSims5. For lack of a better term, it appears as though you've become obsessed with her, even after you've been told to let it go. As Lab mentioned, you have jumped to erroneous conclusions about potential ILS5 sockpuppets and involved in business that didn't concern you regarding User:Safe&Sound27. When I told you this, including an explanation of the proper function of the Admin Portal Talk Page, you chose to take issue with the idea that you weren't supposed to be engaged in administrative discussions... based on recent actions I have to believe that this reaction was at least partially motivated by your desire to continue to be involved in the discussions and actions surrounding ILS5.

On top of that, there are a lot of other signs, most of which Lab has already mentioned, that don't make you a good fit for administratorship. Your use of the English language is often less than ideal and you tend to be confused by everyday phrases like "level-headed" and "fall through." While I understand that many contributors here do not use English as their first language, as administrators we have to be able to understand it and converse in it as adequately as possible, to minimize confusion and miscommunication.

You make a lot of editing mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and they're often dumb mistakes (I can think of a few I've made), but it seems like yours are much more frequent. Additionally, you have this habit of making additional comments to things that you say after-the-fact, instead of taking the time to make sure that you say everything that you want to say the first time around. This, by the way, leads to a lot of edit conflicts during busy discussions, and it makes it harder for others to discuss your points-of-view because you add more to it before they've had a chance to respond to the first point you raised. All this makes me think that you're a little too eager to hit that 'publish' button and are being careless.

For these and other reasons, I cannot support this nomination. - LostInRiverview talk ~ blog 21:19, June 24, 2014 (UTC)

Oppose. Well, I don't want any hurt feelings here, but I do want you to understand. Please don't take offense...

Firstly, some of your edits were unexplainable, such as this one as Lab mentioned above. There was no need to blank the page in the first place - the message was relevant and wasn't an issue at all. Besides, as I've said, archiving talk pages is better than blanking.

Secondly... ILS5. Yes, I say it almost like it's a taboo now or something. It was decided a long time ago that all of ILS5's paths to get back inside The Sims Wiki as an editor are closed. Bombed out. Demolished. There are no additional chances because she blew them all away. I can understand you reporting socks of ILS5 to us, but other than that, I recommend you refrain from contacting her. The decision was final, and even if we did somehow lift her "lifetime banishment" from the wiki, it still won't lead to her getting unblocked any time soon, at least for another two years, because she's underaged. If a user has been blocked or banned indefinitely and nobody is willing to lift the block/consensus stands at not letting them return, do not bait them and do not help them out. Leave them alone. If they insult you, ignore them and report to an admin so they can be dealt with appropriately. Denying recognition is usually the best way to silence a blocked editor that's whining in their cage. Remember that the user can always read The Sims Wiki, so they're not completely removed, but they simply cannot edit. And as LiR said, just drop it. Let it go. Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves. Don't egg them on.

Thirdly, the mistakes, as LiR mentioned above. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, some silly, some occasional. But the idea of a mistake is that, once you make it, you'll learn from it. Also, you seem to be a bit too... "hyped up" in discussions, as LiR mentioned above, like someone who drinks 40 mugs of coffee in the morning and jitters like a 9.0 earthquake. I hope you keep in mind that, as soon as you hit that "Publish" button, your revision will be permanently engraved in the servers. Even if you revert the revision and even if an admin "deletes" it, it's still technically on the servers, viewable. Even if only Wikia Staff can see it, it's still there. Some would say that MediaWiki is a prime example of "What goes on the Internet stays on the Internet". So if you say something really stupid and it becomes an Internet phenomenon, you'll need to consult a plastic surgeon, get a new ID, a new name, and a new home in order to start over. It's always a good idea to hesitate behind the Publish button, since it can cause irreversible chaos in your life. Of course, you can trust the administrators of TSW and Wikia Staff to not share your revision once it's hidden, and you can request that the Internet Archive remove your entry, but it won't stop your message from being forwarded, re-Tweeted, and re-shared hundreds of times on social networking sites. If you're participating in a discussion, I strongly advise that you go over every single word you typed before you click the Publish button.

Because of the reasons above, and because of the reasons provided by Lab and LiR, I unfortunately am opposed to your nomination. This does not mean you will never become admin - it simply means you're not ready to be one at this time. You are more than welcome to reapply in the future, and if you can change your patterns, you might be able to get the "mop and pail", which is what the admin tools are.

As always, if you have questions, you can always ask. In fact, it's encouraged. I hope you understand. I would advise you to, in addition to reflecting and absorbing what I've wrote for you, to read Not now, What adminship is not, and Advice for RfA candidates. While these essays are on Wikipedia, the message is the same. It may seem daunting, but I'm sure you one day will become an administrator. And... even if you don't, that does not mean you can't do great things on this wiki. At the end of the day, it's whether we've improved the wiki or not, not whether we got a mop in our hands or not. --k6ka (talk | contribs) 23:07, June 24, 2014 (UTC)

Since he joined last december, C.Syde has shown to be a competent and a skilled editor here. He is constantly reverting potential vandalism, contributing to forums, and adding content to articles. He's a committed member of the community, evidenced by his participation in the recent project of the month.

However, the administrators above me have voiced some legitimate concerns about promoting you: particularly your idée fixe with ILoveSims5. Keeping that in mind, you have recognized these faults here.

Overall, I feel C.Syde would greatly benefit from the additional admin tools and the community would certainly benefit from an additional admin. Ѧüя◎ґ (talk) 09:09, June 25, 2014 (UTC)

C.Syde, you are a very good user. And like every good user has, you have made mistakes. These mistakes may be small, they may be big, but the size doesn't matter. I too believe you have learned from your mistakes, but I just don't think you are ready to be an administrator just yet. I feel you should take a couple of steps back and learn more about the wiki. Your edit history, is quite high, and I am impressed with the amount of warnings you have issued. But, this does not mean you are ready for administrator rights. I believe it is more up to the person, than their edit history. I hope you learn from everything that has been said and you take it under your consideration. Beds (talk - blog) 09:47, June 25, 2014 (UTC)

I am probably the last person to really add much to this discussion because I never really paid much attention until now for obvious reasons (like it was the last thing on my mind until I was nominated a few days ago). In any case from what little I have seen, I have to agree with the others. You are a good editor and contribute a lot. And you are also quick to take action, which is a good thing. However, sometimes you are a little too quick, and that can be problematic at times. One specific time that I remember is the ILS5 situation. I remember thinking at the time, "Does he know he just said something different than the admins did?" I'm sure if that was the only case that it wouldn't have been much of an issue (which is partly why I didn't participate in the discussion earlier because I wanted to see what the others felt). I'm sorry that I can't give you some support, but I'm sure that this whole discussion will help you know how to make it so that you can improve so that you can have the support in the future. Good luck. - Icemandeaf (talk) 16:35, June 26, 2014 (UTC)


As the five day discussion period has now passed and consensus in favor was not reached, this request is being declined at this time. —Random Ranaun (Talk to me!) 19:24, June 29, 2014 (UTC)

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